Zonavivienda Property Buy and Sell Marketplace Application

Zonavivienda is a real estate iOS app that enables people to buy, sell & rent properties. This application has one front-end user who can act as a buyer or a seller with his registered account. In addition, you can list your own property on the application as a seller.

Key Challenges

The client wanted the Zonavivienda application to support three kinds of users, including the property buyers, sellers, and the admin with different level of access. The application should allow the users to search properties according to your preferred locations for buying or renting purposes.

Proposition & Solutions

Endive Software developed a user-friendly and feature-rich Real Estate buy and sell marketplace for the client. Following are the various features of the Zonavivienda application:

  • endive The app allows the users to search properties for buying or for rent based on their current or preferred locations.
  • endive The users can also register as sellers and can enlist their property for sale or for rent on the application along with its images, price and various other details.
  • endive Users can connect with the sellers on chat and request an inquiry, or book the property for a manual visit.
  • endive Users can add their valuable reviews and ratings
  • endive Sellers has a dashboard to manage the profile & listings, payment preferences, check listing performance on the number of visitors (impressions), availability status, etc.

Results & Benefits

The feature-rich app was given a user-friendly interface that helped it gain a great number of property seekers and sellers. Below are the key benefits that we as a professional iPhone app development company provided the client:

  • endive Our expert business analysts helped the client to define the actual project scope of the application for its success.
  • endive The iOS app developers at Endive worked in coordination with the app designers to give the application a purely engaging user experience for the property seekers.
  • endive The app was able to find a recognized position in the App Store and gain a significant number of initial users.
  • endive The client was completely satisfied with what the final application has turned out to be and the app was also made on the Android platform.

Technologies & Development Environment

iPhone App – Swift, iPhone SDK and Android App – Java, SDK, Android Studio