Zezign is an interactive & responsive E-Commerce Application that allows the end users an inevitably user-friendly customization in the design of the products available, which are T-shirts, mugs, and mobile covers, and then order them from the application.

Key Challenges

The client wanted that the customization options should be variable from adding the image of your choice, to inserting text, to choosing the preferred color theme, to the addition of other styling graphics and automatic adjustment and resizing options based on the resolution. The client further wanted a user-friendly Backend panel to manage the website on the admin side.

Proposition & Solutions

Endive Software created a user-friendly and engaging eCommerce app solution for the client where users can customize their products according to their preferences and can order them online. The various development solutions we delivered as a service provider includes:

  • endive With a deep analysis of the client’s needs, we chose fancy product designer jQuery tool to customize the product design. The tool was chosen for its optimum support towards the client’s needs.
  • endive We made certain modifications and additions in the code of the customization tool so as to manage it perfectly according to our requirements.
  • endive The printable or customizable area of the product on the front end can be easily managed on the admin’s end, for which we have applied a custom jQuery. Thus, enabling the user and admin to enjoy a user-friendly experience.
  • endive For text customization we have made extra additions in the code of fancy product designer jQuery tool. With this, the user can easily add text of his choice and customize the font size, font style and text colour.
  • endive Understanding the quintessential purpose of an eCommerce site, we have added a highly secure and authentic payment gateway to the website.
  • endive With our cutting edge technology solutions we further use custom jQuery to add “save and resume”? support for the customized products.

Results & Benefits

A purely engaging eCommerce application was created for the client, which boasts a high level of customization support and supported secure online payment. The key benefits that we as a professional mobile app development company provided the client include:

  • endive The Android app developers at Endive helped the client with real-time customization for the app according to the changing project scope without any delay in the timeline constraints.
  • endive Zezign was integrated with a high level of customization support that the client demanded for the app.
  • endive Zezign was deployed on time and the app gained attention from a huge number of target customers, who eventually added to the business for the client.
  • endive The Quality Analysts at Endive ensured rigorous testing for the app at the initial phase, thus resulting in a high-quality product for the client.

Technologies & Development Environment

Java, SDK, Android Studio, Swift