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We Build Truly Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using C# For Businesses of All Sizes

Technology Above All, Xamarin App Development is the right platform to build a single app for all device systems

The conception of a single mobile app for multiple operating systems has added excellent functionality to handheld devices. Here at Endive Software, we expertise in developing cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin as you will be blessed with a mobile app which looks and feels completely native. Our strategy and methodology helps us to build a next level mobile application for many devices that is why clients believe in us and like to work with us.

Cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin look and feel native, because they have power-packed functionality and share the following features

Native User Interfaces

Applications that we built through C# contain standard and native user interface controls. With the excellent knowledge of Native User Interfaces, our well trained mobile app developers build next-level mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Window Mobile from a single code base.
1 Xamarin.Android- Material Theme
2 Xamarin.Android- Splash Screen
3 Xamarin.iOS- Storyboards

Native API Access

We access every native platform API using C# to develop robust Android and iOS applications. We also add some advanced and useful C# features (async/await, events, delegates, and more) to make applications more impressive and user-friendly.

1 Connectivity
2 Data Transfer
3 Geolocation

Native Performance

Apps built using Xamarin leverage platform-specific hardware acceleration, and are compiled for native performance. This can’t be achieved with solutions that interpret code at runtime.

1 Excellent Performance
2 Faster & Secure
3 Runtime Environmentv

Automated Testing

Xamarin’s Test Cloud provides an extra layer of testing to develop flawless native apps. App development using Xamarin comes with Automatic Testing Assist, which allows users to test apps from all corners using gestures like swipes, pinches and so on.

Here’s How We Can Assist You

Here at Endive Software, we excel in developing feature-rich and appealing the cross platform mobile apps using Xamarin with power-packed functionality and native app performance.

Consulting Services

Build Strategy

Our team of professionals builds strategy before taking the project in hand. They make their efforts to deliver quality products with optimum benefits.

Solutions for All Domains

Experienced Xamarin Developer

We have well-trained Xamarin developers that use their skills to develop faster yet less expensive mobile applications. Our proficient app makers are familiar with the latest technology and app building tool to build an app quickly.

Android App Upgrade Services

Customer-centric Approach

Our result-driven and customer-centric approach keep us in forefront of the development process as we understand the need of our clients and their customers and build app accordingly.

Android App UX/UI Design

Native & Trendy UI

By taking the perks of Xamarin’s capability to interface with native APIs, our developers use single codebase to build a trendy and eye-catching design to provide optimum user experience.

Android Web-based Apps

Xmarine Consultant

From the very base to deploy, we help our clients in every step with the end-to-end solutions. We travel at speed of development to meet the business needs.

Hybrid Android AppDevelopment

Cost Effective Solution

We offer transparent and secure app development solutions without making any dent in your account.

Powering Native Mobile App Solutions Using Xamarin

We power all types of businesses with our robust Xamarin mobile app development solutions.
Xamarin For Android.

Following all objects and properties of C#, we interpolate everything that you want in native applications. Our developers use the suites of technology to provide truly native UI for your apps.

1 Android Wear
2 Fully Functionals
3 Impressive Material Design

Xamarin For iOS

Ramp up iOS native app with Xamarin and Visual Studio, we build native iOS applications with Xamarin.iOS. We use the same UI controls that are available in Objective C and Xcode. We use complete iOS SDK for .NET to build fully native iOS apps using C# or F# in Visual Studio.
1 Data & Cloud Services
2 Build apps for Apple Watch
3 Build apps for Apple TV

Xamarin For Windows
By using cross-platform Xamarin technology, we build Windows apps for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 and Univeral Windows Platform (UWP) for Windows 10.

1 Dynamic performance & UI
2 Minimal time with a single code base.
3 Cost- effective

Xamarin.Forms App Development
Here at Endive Software, our experienced Xamarin developers use a single code base to build fully native Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform apps usingC# in Visual Studio.

1 XAML to Build User Interface
2 Xamarin.Essentials (file access, device info, etc.)
3 Data & Cloud Services

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350 + Projects Complated

550 + Employees

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