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Wearable App Development

Leverage the benefits of next-generation technology with our wearable app development services.

Wearable App Development Company

Crowned as the best wearable application development company, Endive Software has fueled various businesses through its top-notch application development solutions. We work on the latest technology and framework that allows developers to exploit the potential benefits of our app development services at an affordable cost.

Blessed with a team of experienced app developers, Endive Software is well-versed with all application development technologies, whether it is a mobile app or wearable device app. Thus, we craft customize and valuable wearable applications running flawlessly on wearable devices. We have built various Apple and Android wearable device applications for Smart Watches, Healthcare, VR Handset and more.

Our zeal for wearable device application development makes us the best in that category. We build multi-functional applications for personal and professional use to endow a unique experience. Endive Software empowers each of its clients with state of art solutions to earn them recognized peaks in the most popular applications market.

Our Wearable Application Development Services Include

As the top-rated wearable device app development company, we offer best-in-class wearable apps with eye-catching user interface for wearable devices. Some of our wearable app development services are:

iWatch App

iWatch App

Our experienced iOS developers have strong knowledge of wearable app development and even have built dozen iWatch applications for the top brands. We offer innovation iWatch app development solutions at affordable prices.

Android Wearable App

Android Wearable App

We build apps for Smartwatches that keep you connected with people and other things. Our Android Wearable app development services are relatively advanced and trendy, which keep you updated with the connected devices.

Wearable App Upgrade Services

Google Glass App

Adopting the futuristic technology, we build customer-centric and customized Google Glass Applications, that will provide you unique user experience.

Fitness Tracking App

Fitness Tracking App

A lot of things that you can do with a fitness tracking app to make your health perfect. Our innovative Fitness Tracking Apps are built on the latest technologies, while the simple and useful features keep you updated with connected devices.

Wearable Application Development

Wireless Payments

Make your wireless payment easy and secure with our wireless payment app development services. Our developers are capable of developing wireless payment applications like Samsung Smart Pay

Our Wearable Application Development Solutions Are:

Incorporating innovative features in wearable apps, we build appealing and multi-purpose applications. Features that we add in wearable apps are:

Wearable app

GPS Integration

We add this feature in wearable apps to track your geographic location. As now you can access the last known location.

Wearable Application Development Company

Speech Recognition:

This feature will help you to search for anything. Through speech recognition, you can give commands to your device with your voice.

smartwatch app development

Weather Forecast

We provide this feature in a wearable application as per the client requirements. You can get weather status or information by using this feature.

Wearable App Development Services

In-app Messaging

In-app Messaging allows you to chat with the individual or group. You can leave messages through this feature.

Wearable App Development

Push Notifications

You can receive messages on your wearable device through this feature. You can also get notifications of new offers.

Wearable Application Development Services

Health & Fitness Tracking

Wearable technology in Healthcare plays an important role. We provide health & fitness tracking feature in app to enable you for a use well-rounded view of your health, diet and fitness goals.

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