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We are providing innovative wallet app development services for all mobile wallet app needs.


wallet app development


Mobile Wallet App Development Company

Mobile wallet app has now become an integral part of mobile applications. The digital wallet app has simplified payment system. In this digital world, almost every second person making payment online through a mobile wallet app. And the tendency is that the number of users is increasing each passing day. At Endive Software we provide mobile wallet app development services for Android and iOS. Our experienced mobile app developers have the full potential to develop fully protected and customized mobile payment application with an appealing look.


Our Mobile eWallet Solutions

We provide mobile wallet app solutions for diverse industries including retail, financial establishment, logistics, healthcare, education and more.



Wallet App For Merchants

We develop e-wallet apps, keeping merchant needs in mind. Our solutions feature impressive functionalities which will help merchants to make online payment related tasks.



Wallet App For Users

We develop solutions for users to make the online transaction easier and secure for online payment, money transfer into the wallet, payment through QR code and many transfers directly into the bank account.



Cryptocurrency Wallet

We at Endive Software develop Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin wallets that will help your users in purchasing, trading, liquidating, and as a hardware wallet to store bitcoins offline.



Mobile Wallet Design

Wallet app design is also a part of our e-wallet solutions. We design the wireframe of the app and then give it an appealing look by implementing trending designing elements in it.



Mobile Wallet Integration

Our developers are perfect enough in integrating wallet app in applications with the help of open-source APIs. We offer third-party wallet integrations from Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.



Custom Mobile Wallet App

We provide custom mobile wallet solutions for all business needs. Our solutions feature Face ID Unlock, Biometric Unlock, Advanced Security, Digital IT Management and Receipt Generation.


How We Empower The POS Payments

If you want to develop a digital money transfer app for Android and iOS platform, then we are a leading Digital Wallet App Development Company. We make POS (Point of Sale) payments quick and easy by adding advanced methods in it.


QR Codes

QR technology is often known as an alternative to NFC. Making payment by scanning the QR code is very simple and easy. It increases the efficiency of digital payment transfer.



NFC (Near Field Communication)

Near Field Communication (or NFC) is a perfect method for secure wireless transactions between NFC-enabled smartphones and transmitters onto POS devices.




Bluetooth and iBeacon

iBeacon is a Bluetooth wireless technology where during the check-out, the users can make payment quickly without swiping the card.


Payment Apps

We build payment apps like PayPal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Our solutions feature advanced technologies that will make your online transaction easier and secure.


How eWallet App Works


  • 1

    User Registration

  • 2

    Bank Account Authorization

  • 3

    Option to Check Balance

  • 4

    Money Transfer

  • 5

    Payment for bills

  • 6

    Get Amazing Offers And Rewards On Successfully Money Transfer


User Panel

  • User Registration
  • Money Transfer
  • POS integration
  • Authorize Bank Account
  • Add Balance
  • Balance Status
  • Pay Bills
  • Transfer to Account
  • Invite Friends
  • Split Bills
  • Offers Reminders
  • Budgeting Tools
  • Transaction History

Admin Panel

  • Default Admin Panel
  • Users Data Control
  • New Offers
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Contacts
  • BSecured Database
  • Dashboard
  • Usage Analytics
  • Intercom support
  • Cash Report
  • Add/Block Features
  • Reporting
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