Social Networking Solution Case Study


The client wanted to create a scalable Social Forum Application on Android Platform. The idea was to develop a mobile application which would be a forum for people to login, post their questions, get answers from other users and also answer the questions posted by other users of the application. The questions as well as the answers can have images, videos, text, audios, etc. For every action, say registration of his account, the user would get a virtual coin. But one would lose a coin for posting a question. This app required a web based backend admin panel, from where the administrator of the application can control and manage the whole app including all the image and video posts.


To Increase business revenue by sale of coins to users who need to ask questions through Social Forum Application.


  • Endive faced the challenge of creating a flawless image browsing experience with pixel-perfect quality. Since, the images have high resolution, resulting in large image sizes, the app response time increased and it took long to flip through the images. A large number of issues related to audio and video files added to the challenge of the company.

  • Aber has exclusive customers from around the world who purchase coin or point for asking more questions from the application. As the application dealt in virtual currency transactions, a secure authentication and transaction became essential, in order to ensure safe transactions from across the globe for all customers.


  • endiveLatest technology was used to provide state of the art scalable, scalable, secure and robust solution.
  • endiveProvided solutions for posting Answers with Images, audio, and video and also Ask the question with multi-images, audio, and video.
  • endiveThe profiling tool was used for optimizing performance and memory management to maximum level.
  • endiveAs Android devices come with different internal memory storage and processors, the approach was to resize images, audio and video files, prior to sending them to the server. This approach enhanced performance of a prolonged task resulting in improved user experience.


Android Studio, Android SDK, SQLite , PHP


Extended Offshore Engineering Team provides state of the art Development and Quality Assurance.


  • endiveCustomer’s Project Manager had started discussion with Endive Software in February 2016for their project. After interviewing couple of resources they decided to award this project to Endive Software.
  • endiveEndive Software and client agreed to follow agile methodology for project execution and delivery. Both agreed that agile methodology is best suited for onsite/offshore model. This methodology requires daily and regular interaction with all stakeholders including product owner, team and business users.
  • endiveFirst step was to set up the development environment for the offshore team, which included- VPN connectivity, access to SVN, Bugzilla and Wiki, synchronizing the code on developer workstations, running local build, and local deployment of the system.
  • endiveThe development team was assigned the responsibility to build project.
  • endiveKnowledge transfer happened through WebEx sessions, document sharing and e-mails
  • endive• The QA team was assigned the responsibility to develop the test plan, test cases, and test data for several important functionalities for the coming releases. They were also made responsible for testing and certifying these functionalities.