We offer a flexible approach based on trust and complete client satisfaction and therefore nourish an ideal refund policy.

Our Refund Policy

Well structured according to the standard industry practices and other industrial norms, we at Endive Software have a well-defined and strict Refund Policy. Justifying the profound ethics on which our company is based, we follow fair and transparent claim assessment practices for any refund claims of our clients. With this, we handle each refund claim in a vigilant and prompt manner that makes sure each the final decisions is mutually agreeable.

Coverage & Scope:

We follow a clear coverage scope for our refund policy. The refund claims that are not owned or controlled by our by Endive Software or the claims that are concerned to third-party services or products, or if the claims are concerned to people not employed by Endive Software, do not come under our Refund Policy.

Conditions for a Refund Claim To Be Processed

If a refund request is raised by one of our clients, we first try to resolve the issue by trying to find an ideal solution for it. The case is initially discussed with the technical team at Endive Software to come up with a solution, further the issue is forwarded to our expert panel.

Refund policy may only apply, if the following conditions are met –

Where we use your information

Your personal information that we collect may be used for following reasons/purposes:

  • Development/Post-sales operations have not yet started and a team is not yet dedicated to the task.
  • The issue has arrived from our side and is beyond the scope of the resolution.
  • All the payment terms are met from your side.
  • Any of the official information from our side should not be used for personal business benefits without our knowledge.
  • The refund claim contains issues that are relevant/valid/rational and are based on proofs.
  • The claim does not arise from any billing dispute coming from your bank or payment vendor.

Note: In case any of the above points doesn’t find a firm ground, the request of the claim is declined. The final decision on a claim cannot be irrevocable.

Three-Step Refund Process:

The refund is processed in three steps, as listed below:

1. Pre-Refund
  1. The refund request raised by a client is analyzed thoroughly for veracity and in reference with the SRS Document.
  2. The proofs attached to the order request are verified.
  3. The refunds are then processed to be settled partly or fully if the refund request is legitimate.
2. Refund Processing

After the refund request is accepted and the refund processing is to be considered you need to destroy various code files and the other deliverables made by Endive that are covered under the Refund Amount. You need to sign a proof of the refund after this.

3. Refund Transaction

The refund transaction may take 7-10 days to be processed and will be in the same currency as your payment. With this, we are not liable to bear any transaction fees deduction (whether the transaction fees is charged on the payment amount or the refund amount) from any third party for the refund amount.

Changes in Refund Policy:

Endive Software at any point of time reserves the right to change the Refund Policy at its sole discretion, without any previous notice, for which you need to be regularly updated with our Refund Policy page. For more information on our Refund Policy or any other query, you can write us at

If you have any concerns or queries regarding this Refund Policy, kindly mail us at [email protected]