What if you need to pay urgently? What if you don’t have cash in your pockets? The Payment Gateways these days are growing and every other companies are now are integrating this feature in their applications.

Well building a payment Gateway application you need to collaborate with all the banks, Razorpay is launched in India, and there are more than 55 banks which support net banking payments. It’s not easy for a company whether big or small partner with 55+banks which is why it is easy to sign up with the payment gateway like Razorpay, which offers you almost all the possible payment methods which you can provide to your customers.

The Razorpay app charges 2% transaction fee for every transaction made through the application. This is known as TDR which is Transaction Discount Rate; it is a very marginal fee which everyone pays also it saves your time money or any accounting hassle if you are having.

Razorpay Payment Gateway

Razorpay also provides you the paperless onboarding to the application, a user doesn’t need to pay set up fee or maintenance fee for holding the account on the application. There is no transaction limit on the application which is again a new feature for the application to have in. Mostly there are many payment gateways which have transaction limit for a user in a day. Users cannot make up the transaction more than the limit which is annoying sometimes for a user when in case of emergency.

Razorpay has partnered with more than 55 banks in India for net banking. For credit and debit, they accept the VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMEX, Diners, and RuPay. Apart from the net banking and cards they also accept the wallet payments like PayUmoney, PayZapp & Mobikwik. These are the maximum amount of methods which a merchant can get compared to other payment gateways.

This application has much more inside of it which is to be explored. More than 2’00’000+ businesses are using the Razorpay Payment Gateway.