Price Comparison Offshore Developers

Based on best prices and quality services, we have figured out the best companies or software developers to work with.

Country Wise Price Comparison of Software Developers

Hiring a dedicated and experienced software developer of the tech company is indeed a tiring task. There are thousands of IT companies out there that provide software developers in high rates and it is difficult in finding a right talent from them. That is why many enterprises and startups from different countries outsource their projects. Mainly to get a number of advantages at a low operational cost. Hire offshore software developers, rather than local developers. Because offshore software developers will give you peace of mind as they provide excellent services or solutions at a reasonable price.

With the adoption of emerging technologies, open source software and cloud solutions, offshore companies are in deep study in finding or assorting right margins, right IT companies, and right developers. Every year, software companies around the world revise their business development strategy and budget in order to keep up with the competition.

Here we have picked up the most popular destinations that enable you to compare and find the best and experienced developers for your project.

Global Software Development Outsourcing Rates

Full Time EmployeeUSA/CanadaSouth AmericaEastern EuropeAfricaAsia
Business Analyst$100-$200$85-$190$40-$60$30-$60$30-$40
Project Manager$150-$250$150-$240$50-$80$40-$70$35-$50
Team Leader$180-$190$150-$180$45-$65$40-$50$30-$40
Sr. Developer$150-$160$140-$150$65-$75$45-$55$30-$40
Mid-level Developer$135-$145$125-$140$40-$50$37-$40$25-$35
Jr. Developer$100-$130$80-$120$25-$40$35-$40$20-$25
UX/UI Designer$100-$150$89-$135$30-$50$30-$40$20-$30
Sr. QA$145-$170$130-$150$40-$60$40-$50$25-$35
Mid-level QA$100-$110$80-$100$30-$50$30-$35$20-$30
Jr. QA$75-$80$70-$80$25-$42$25-$30$15-$24

Cost of Developers Who are Experts In Trending Technologies

In the recent time, all the mobile applications (Android and iOS) with advanced features are in trending. Businesses, large enterprises or startups consider next-generation technologies to provide excellent services or solutions to their customers.

The cost of developers may be bit higher, but worthy for your product or services. Although, the costs of developers vary according to the locations. Generally, every company has between 2 – 5 technology experts who typically work on all types of technologies and app development platforms for all sizes of businesses, as well as the Fortune 500 company. We are here to make for you a comparative digest of the outsourcing developers costs worldwide.

Offshore IT Experts Average Rates

From right mid-market consultancy to implementation, you can expect to pay between $100-$250 an hour for projects or mobile apps ranging in size from $50,000 – $5,00,000.

Expert DevelopersUSA/CanadaSouth AmericaEastern EuropeAsia
Big Data$150-$250$$150-$170$150-$200$75-$150
Machine Learning$200-$250$140-$160$250-$300$75-$150
Artificial Intelligence$200-$250$180-$220$200-$300$75-$150

Top Outsourcing Countries

Asia Pacific ($10-$45)

Asian countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are the primary choice of foreign companies when it comes to software development. These countries have been serving foreign companies for a long time. Well-skilled and experienced developers from Indian companies keep the cheapest hourly rate fluctuate between 15-30 dollars. Project quality and end-to-end communications are the reason to work with Indian companies. The hourly rates of Vietnam, Indonesia, or Malaysia increase due to high-quality software development. Developers from these countries cost around 35 to 45 dollars per hour.

Eastern Europe ($40-$50)

Eastern Europe is second one region after Asia, which attracts customers for its quality services. The demand for these programmers has risen due to excellent programming skills, advanced education, and working culture. If talk about the hourly rate, the rate of IT companies and their developers is very high in comparison of Asian countries. As of now, they charge between $40-$50 per hour. As per the reports 30% of foreign companies are taking steps back from European countries due to poor project quality, results and bad communication.

Latin America ($70-$100)

Latin America is a popular region and choice of foreign companies. The top locations are Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico that are located near to the USA. North American clients prefer these regions to outsource their projects. In these regions, the IT companies work on high costs that start from $70-$80 and goes up to 100 dollars per hour for highly experienced and well-grounded developers.

Why India Is First Choice To Foreign Companies?

India, home of the world’s fastest-growing economy, has become the world’s largest technology hub. Many multinational companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini, TCS, etc., and product based technology giants Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, etc., have their office and vendor partners in India. The country has highly skilled technical graduates and based on the reports the number of technical graduates is growing at a rate of 7 percent per year. Whether it is Cloud Solutions, Big Data or Machine Learning, developers from India serve exceptional solutions at low costs.

As per the reports, around 60% foreign companies hire Indian software developers for their projects. An average Indian developer, having strong development skills, hardly makes $9,000 a year.

By 2022, India is expected to have 6.2 million developers to the U.S.’s 4.5 million.

Here‘s What I Found About Indian Developers:

  • Mobile, web and trending technology based solutions are a unique attraction in India.
  • Clearly, Indian developers work at very less salaries that are three times lower as compared to their US counterparts.
  • India is the world’s third largest country which every year oozes a higher percentage of students, having CS and IT related fields. And they have been trained practically and theoretically.
  • Every IT company from India has 10 average-level developers on every single experienced developer.
  • Indian developers work on logical aspects to innovate something unique and appealing.

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