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DishPal, a Canada based startup, is an online Food Ordering app that has been developed in order to bring restaurants and foodies on a single platform. Available on both Android and iOS, we have used advanced Search Algorithm in this app that will help its users to search for a restaurant or dish by name. For a better image quality, we used S3 bucket over AWS that lets the customers place orders easily. This app showcases a secure payment gateway to foster easy transaction.
POD Luxury
POD Luxury
POD Luxury is a US based leading transportation service provider who deals in Black Car Services. We have built POD Luxury Car booking app with innovation, creativity and excellence. People from Business Class can hire luxury car to enjoy all the convenience along with the ride. Using this app, the B-Class people can easily book top model cars of top automotive brands like Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Lincoln, etc.
Colour Day Festival
ColourDay is a Web and Mobile application (Android and iOS) which is fully owned by Skull Production, Greece’s largest event planner of music and color festivals. A well designed platform where people can connect and enjoy the festival of color. Using the web and mobile app of ColourDay, folks can easily register themselves for the event and can access information about the ongoing or forthcoming event. An amazing selfie feature that has been integrated in it allows its users to capture selfies and edit the captured photos with amazing filter options which they can share directly on social media channels.


Nibora, Kenya’s largest transportation service provider who deals in all kinds of car & bike booking services . The app is loaded with a wide range of functionalities which makes it easier to book a ride. It’s robust and intuitive, users can get onboard by choosing categories among Nibora Bike, NiboraKadogo, Nibora Pickup, and Nibora Standard. Ensures easy booking and excellent riding experience, this app is integrated with a secure payment gateway like PayPal to foster easy transaction .


Azit, a school survey app we developed for our Korean client. This app is based on a unique concept that will help parents and teachers to know the child’s mindset and provide a better understanding to them. Now how you ask? Simply yet conveniently, this app provides a small survey of questions that can be hosted by parents or teachers and answered by students on the Azit platform to test whether the children are in depression or not . The appealing design and easy-to-use functionality help parents or teachers to track other activities of children, such as children’s arriving time, leaving time, weekly or monthly report, etc.


This is a social media application designed to ask questions and give answers to various questions from other users. Crafted by implementing appealing color combination and design elements to make question and answering more interesting.


R-Group is a mobile application built for Android with appealing user interface and easy-to-use functionality. This application based on unique concept allows its agents and customers to mobilize their existing recharge systems by providing them Apps.


KIZOI is a handy application that we developed for our client based in UAE. KIZOI itself is a SaaS based solution to the primary Schools, pre-Schools and child care centers. KIZOI is a cloud based platform which helps parents, teachers and school to connect and simplify the communication and information sharing. Engagement between the parents and teachers is improved which enable the families to play a more active role in children’s education.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is an Enterprise Mobile Application which is fully owned by Gold Plus, India’s 3rd largest Glass manufacturer. We designed and developed this app for Android operating system. Using this app, staff members can easily find the right warehouse to store a matched lot. This application is crafted with beautiful User Interface for smooth operational activities.

Smart Drive

We developed Smart Drive app for Egypt based largest online transportation network company. This app is based on two concepts- Carpooling and Car rental that is first of its kind in this segment that lets the customers avail the benefits of two services in a single platform. Smart Drive integrates city or out station transportation service for customer and driver-partners onto a mobile technology platform ensuring quick and hassle-free services.

Health Connexion

Healthcare Connexion is a single easy-to-manage platform we developed for our US based client. This app allows healthcare agents to add patient details and send this request to clinicians to book an appointment on behalf of patient. Agent can create new referral request. New referral request will be sent to all clinicians of that zip code and who ever accept it first will be assigned with it and rest will not be able to see that referral. After clinicians accept the referral, system will send a SMS to customer mobile for his appointment details. Clinician will change status of appointments from new to in-progress to complete.


Speekezy is an innovative voice and video calling app fully owned by UK based leading Media and Communication company. The application simply sports the VoIP which uses the internet to place and receive HD voice and video calls online for free. This app has been designed and developed to modernize the entire working environment around you. Speekezy comes with an amazing set of features such as in-app chat, voice call, video call, group voice call, group video call, file sharing feature and more.
Jolly Food Fellow
Jolly Food Fellow is all about food that you love to eat. We ease the process of food discovery by understanding what you love to eat. The app lists handpicked restaurants that serve the food that you love. Not just that, you can search what you are craving for and voila! Jolly Food Fellow gets back with all vendors that sell your loved food.
Kidizen is the parent marketplace to shop and sell kids’ clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, books, nursery and room decor, and more. You can also find great deals on stylish maternity clothes, diaper bags, baby carriers, and other new baby essentials.
Genius Kidz
Genius Publications was established in 2002 works on the best machines specializing in high quality books. Today, it has an impressive list of titles to its credit. Now, it has become a leading publication house.
ScanBizCards is a Business Card Reader App with reviewers. It doesn't just scan cards into the address book but goes much beyond, offering over 27 premium features not included in any other business card scanner app. is Malaysia's first automotive website that provides the smartest, easiest and fastest car selling service with FULL TRANSPARENCY, giving you a fair trade-in price based on your actual car condition.
iWaboo, the first B2B MARKETPLACE between HARDWARE TECH & RETAILERS powered by AI and MARKET DATA PREDICTION ANALYTICS, provides access to a global network of online and offline distribution channels. iWaboo takes indie-tech to the next step. is a forum that provides the opportunity and the ability for everyone to sell products with their own uploaded designs. We value the creativity that is owned by everyone, and therefore we also hope that everyone who uses can also respect and uphold integrity in every activity on this site.
Liwwa, Inc.
Liwwa’s Lending Platform makes it easy for you to invest in high-yield, small business loans. Liwwa, Inc. is committed to delivering job and income growth in the markets. It's a goal we'll only achieve by building and nurturing a team of committed individuals with a diverse set of skills.
Recruitment Crowd
The Recruitment Crowd is focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you will be happy working with us.
Guestnest is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform allowing homeowners or tenants to rent out spare space or entire residences to travelers who find and book these places online through the secure Guestnest platform.
Some VCs have great networks. Some have great megaphones. Some VCs offer great counsel. We value all of those but most strongly believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work alongside you in your moments of need.
Urban All Stars
UrbanAllStars Sports and Streetwear Store , stocking the latest in Streetwear and mixing it up with Vintage and Pre-Loved pieces. Our Team is working hard to find and bring unique items to you with ever expanding range of Brands with affordable prices.
Our roommate finding service is geared toward single parents with children however, it also services the general public who may wish to find a roommate or rent room(s).
Lingooni Ninja
Lingooninja is known as High School Academic, English Summer Camps, LingooAcademy Summer Program and General Immersion Homestay.
Fy! - shopping
Welcome to Fy! The most intuitive shopping app on earth. Inspired by you, made for you. Discover stuff you actually want and shop on your own terms. A world of emerging brands in your pocket. Get in and go!
At Kickante, we are passionate about culture, social causes and entrepreneurship. We love everything that makes a big difference in our country, big and small projects that in some way influence our community.
QiKfunder hosts several unique features that make us the best option for your crowd funding needs. In our Fund it Back™ program, project and equity campaign creators can opt to donate 1% of their raised funds towards any cause or charity on QiKfunder. Fund it Back™ projects are featured throughout the site with a bright orange border, increasing exposure for the creator and aiding a charitable cause.