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DishPal brings local restaurant cuisine to busy eaters who love delicious food, but don’t want to waste time getting it. Working a late night at the office? Too many kids to get in the car? Don’t feel like cooking? Tired of instant ramen and frozen pizza? No problem! Our app makes it easy to enjoy freshly-made, hot and tasty meals delivered to your door, from any restaurant signed up with our service. And, at a great price too!
POD Luxury
POD Luxury
POD Luxury makes all your ways possible as we provide an online platform and related technology that allow requesters and service providers.
Tees.co.id is a forum that provides the opportunity and the ability for everyone to sell products with their own uploaded designs. We value the creativity that is owned by everyone, and therefore we also hope that everyone who uses Tees.co.id can also respect and uphold integrity in every activity on this site.
iWaboo, the first B2B MARKETPLACE between HARDWARE TECH & RETAILERS powered by AI and MARKET DATA PREDICTION ANALYTICS, provides access to a global network of online and offline distribution channels. iWaboo takes indie-tech to the next step.
Jolly Food Fellow
Jolly Food Fellow is all about food that you love to eat. We ease the process of food discovery by understanding what you love to eat. The app lists handpicked restaurants that serve the food that you love. Not just that, you can search what you are craving for and voila! Jolly Food Fellow gets back with all vendors that sell your loved food.
Color Day Festival
Colour Day Festival is a summer festival in Greece with music and coloured powder. It takes place on a Saturday in June, from 12 noon to 11 pm. Colour Day Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Greece, with more than 40,000 attendees.


Welcome to App AZIT, a simple and convenient ‘emotional sympathy’ app. From messages about school arriving and leaving information to Real-time class satisfaction survey at once!
Kidizen is the parent marketplace to shop and sell kids’ clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, books, nursery and room decor, and more. You can also find great deals on stylish maternity clothes, diaper bags, baby carriers, and other new baby essentials.
Genius Kidz
Genius Publications was established in 2002 works on the best machines specializing in high quality books. Today, it has an impressive list of titles to its credit. Now, it has become a leading publication house.
Carsome.my is Malaysia's first automotive website that provides the smartest, easiest and fastest car selling service with FULL TRANSPARENCY, giving you a fair trade-in price based on your actual car condition.
Liwwa, Inc.
Liwwa’s Lending Platform makes it easy for you to invest in high-yield, small business loans. Liwwa, Inc. is committed to delivering job and income growth in the markets. It's a goal we'll only achieve by building and nurturing a team of committed individuals with a diverse set of skills.
The success of TaCerto.com depends on the performance of our team, so we make the team with professionals focused, ethical and committed to our culture. We believe it is with this discipline and dedication that we will go far. We are Tacerto.com!
Recruitment Crowd
The Recruitment Crowd is focused on providing a high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we are sure you will be happy working with us.
Guestnest is a peer-to-peer accommodation platform allowing homeowners or tenants to rent out spare space or entire residences to travelers who find and book these places online through the secure Guestnest platform.
Welcome to TastyKFood.com, where we celebrate the flavors and culinary traditions of Korean foods and share a broad information of various people from culinary world. We invite our viewers to visit some of the wonderful eateries and restaurants for new discoveries.
Some VCs have great networks. Some have great megaphones. Some VCs offer great counsel. We value all of those but most strongly believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work alongside you in your moments of need.
UrbanAllStars Sports and Streetwear Store , stocking the latest in Streetwear and mixing it up with Vintage and Pre-Loved pieces. Our Team is working hard to find and bring unique items to you with ever expanding range of Brands with affordable prices.
Our roommate finding service is geared toward single parents with children however, it also services the general public who may wish to find a roommate or rent room(s).
Lingooni Ninja
Lingooninja is known as High School Academic, English Summer Camps, LingooAcademy Summer Program and General Immersion Homestay.
ScanBizCards is a Business Card Reader App with reviewers. It doesn't just scan cards into the address book but goes much beyond, offering over 27 premium features not included in any other business card scanner app.
Fy! - shopping
Welcome to Fy! The most intuitive shopping app on earth. Inspired by you, made for you. Discover stuff you actually want and shop on your own terms. A world of emerging brands in your pocket. Get in and go!
At Kickante, we are passionate about culture, social causes and entrepreneurship. We love everything that makes a big difference in our country, big and small projects that in some way influence our community.
QiKfunder hosts several unique features that make us the best option for your crowd funding needs. In our Fund it Back™ program, project and equity campaign creators can opt to donate 1% of their raised funds towards any cause or charity on QiKfunder. Fund it Back™ projects are featured throughout the site with a bright orange border, increasing exposure for the creator and aiding a charitable cause.
Grana - Expense Manager
A good financial control starts with a good expense manager. If you don't want to waste time or money, Grana is the perfect personal expense manager for you! Simplify your personal finances, organize your savings, know where your money is going and have real control over your financial planning.