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Our experienced developers build sophisticated platform by using high-degree of technologies to streamline your online business. With our eCommerce solutions, we make it easy to build and run your online business.


Online Shopping App Development Company

The retail landscape has much widened with the internet. From standalone retailers to multi-brand companies, they are opening their stores over marketplace platform. Well, internet made it easy. Using this, now it is easy to make your reach in every corner of the world. Online shopping is one of the most trending and leading sectors in the genre of internet or technology. Every single user sitting at home or office likes to do shopping online.
Endive Software is a leading online shopping app development company. The company has made and delivered various eCommerce mobile applications and website for its global clients. We have years of experience in making apps like Amazon and eBay. Our developers have a good knowledge of the technologies that they use in eCommerce app development.
We work parallel with clients to provide robust and future-ready mobile apps for Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). We develop eCommerce app for individual retailers and multi-brand companies.

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Features that We Add In Shopping Mobile Applications

Our development strategy makes us different from others. We add advanced features to reduce the entire burden off the retailers’ shoulders. Feature expertise that we provide in eCommerce applications.

Auto Price Calculation

Manage your online store’s discounts, handling fee, and sales tax calculations in your ERP with auto price calculation. You can calculate the price of a single product that would be based on customer’s location, type of product you sell and discounts you provide to the customer.

Payment Modes

Allow your customer to pay for shopping with multiple payment modes. Your customers can link their credit/debit cards and bank account detail itself to make easy payment for the order. Mobile wallet payment mode will help you pay directly for the product that you want to purchase.

Real-Time Order Tracking

With real-time order tracking, customers can track their orders or products with real-time information. Even on each update they will get a notification through mail, message, and in-app notifications. Each of our online shopping applications integrates with Google’s Geolocation API.

User Panel Features

  • Content management capabilities
  • Add/Remove products
  • Cart
  • Safe and secured
  • Promotion and discount sections
  • Multiple payment options
  • An easy-to-use checkout

Admin Panel Features

  • User managements
  • Manage shipping methods
  • Manage payments
  • Manage products
  • Manage application and store settings
  • Database backup & restore options
  • Database cleanup options
  • Third party integration
  • Discount management

User Panel

Our designers are capable of making a user-friendly design along with easy to use functionalities. We develop customer-centric applications with seamless user components and easy checkout feature to make your services quite impressive.

Appealing Design

To make services better, our experienced developers work with the advanced tools to give a unique touch to your applications. The trendy and best in class designs are tailored in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Admin Panel

Having strong skills in designing and development, our professionals understand the latest market trends and business strategies to develop a better solution. Our white labeled admin panel helps you to track or manage the sales of your customers.

eCommerce Shopping Solutions That We Offer

For a best shopping experience, we provide all essential features in online shopping mobile applications to make online shopping easier. Some of our advanced eCommerce solutions include.

Customized eCommerce App for Retailers

We provide customize eCommerce solutions for individual retailers and startups. So they can easily customize eCommerce applications according to their need.

Multi-Vendor Retail App

Our superlative multi vendor retail app development services will provide a platform for your retailers to sell their products. Our services are standard enough to give you all advantages of multi-vendor eCommerce application.

eCommerce App Designing

We design templates of online shopping for iOS and Android. Our futuristic design with impressive color combination will allure maximum customers.

Supply Chain Management

Enhance customer experience or services with our supply chain management solutions. Our eCommerce supply chain management solutions will provide you a 360-degree view of the customer base.

Inventory Management System

Manage products, tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries through our eCommerce inventory management system.

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