This is the most awaited version of the Angular CLI. Developers these days are more excited about the newer versions. Angular CLI is upgrading day by day. These updates generally include Angular Material & CDK, its performance improvements and other CLI prompts. Highlights about Angular 7 Well there are not many updates coming, also there are not many features which are launched in this version, but stopping you from getting disappointment there are certainly some Read More
What if you need to pay urgently? What if you don’t have cash in your pockets? The Payment Gateways these days are growing and every other companies are now are integrating this feature in their applications. Well building a payment Gateway application you need to collaborate with all the banks, Razorpay is launched in India, and there are more than 55 banks which support net banking payments. It’s not easy for a company whether big Read More
It seems like Apple moving into banking with the imminent launch of Apple card. On Monday Apple surprise everyone with the launch of Apple Credit Card. It is one of the biggest news in the city. The CEO of Apple, Tom Cook said that in 2019 Apple pay is going to be available in more than 40 countries and it is ready to reach 10 billion transactions. In the United States, the Apply Pay application Read More
Laravel 5.8 Is Released
The latest version Laravel 5.8 has been released and it is available for everyone. So the Laravel web developer can use this amazing version to make an impressive website. It is released with various features and with the latest bug fixes. Now Web development Company will use the latest version of Laravel. Here are some new and amazing features of Laravel 5.8 which are used in Laravel Web Development PHP Dotenv Integration with PHP Dotenv Read More
The Saudi-India Forum kicked off in New Delhi on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. The forum was all about the joint corporation, further, they discussed the economy and cultural relations to achieve sustainable development goals in various sectors, including technology, energy, water, arts and entertainment, healthcare, and investment. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia said India is its No.1 priority Read More
The launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ has started a new competition in the mobile market. The race going on between the top leading mobile companies like Apple, Oneplus, & Samsung is still on. With the new launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+, these companies are in pressure and soon to launch some new devices giving peer competition to the market. The launch of S10 and S10+ with the very latest features has Read More