Mass Clone



Endive Software is the second name of passion, hard work and innovation. In order to gear up with the nimble technology and accommodate with the daily rising demand of users, We keep doing extensive research and development work, that ultimately results in a highly efficient tool with the amazing functionality and impressive capabilities. Our tools are entirely oriented for morphing the sideways to infuse the superlative level of functionality and forestall the critical situation in operating the off-the-shelf tools. Our futuristic approach of development and engineering is entirely oriented to ease out the problem of managers. Digging out the solution of bottleneck situations is our passion and resolving the out of the box strategy is our aim of development. The perfect amalgamation of our strategy with passion results in the enhancement of technological ease to the users leveraging the management.


The standard Salesforce solution lacks in some features owing to the generalization approach used by the solution provider. The standard features of Salesforce are effectively constructed to cope up with every sort of businesses, where the sporadic requirements are left insatiated sometimes. Cloning the object is one of them. Further, many times it is required to perform operations over standard and custom objects such as performing Mass Cloning over multiple records. Besides, several times, user wishes to delete unused and waste records. For these sort of sporadic needs, user requires the powerful cloning and deletion tool that can perform the operation safely, depending upon the specified criteria. The most viable needs are:

  • endive Cloning of specific record
  • endive Mass Cloning of multiple records
  • endive Safe Deletion of records


Clone Power is a powerful tool for Salesforce users. The tool is aimed to enhance the functionality and resolve common occurring problems. Many of the time, users get stuck with the lack of feasibility in cloning the objects and performing the same manipulation of multiple objects. The new unique tool, Clone Power is an efficient tool that allows a user to perform an operation over standard and custom Objects. This amazing tool gives the functionality to clone Object and performs the mass cloning of Object along with its child records. The cloning process takes place at the backend utilizing the batch process. This enables a user to enhance its power with an amazing app associated with the tool. The features of Clone Power App can be segmented into three sections:

The customised Salesforce reports leverages:

  • endive Sales Productivity daily, weekly, monthly reports – Target vs. Achievements
  • endive Opportunity Reports – pipeline visibility reports, key wins
  • endive Lead Reports – Lead Status, Lead Source and Lead Activity
  • endive Pending Orders
  • endive Sales call reports – Daily, weekly, monthly reports with a break up of an existing client call, visits to potential companies and new accounts

Deep Clone:

Deep Clone is the feature that leverages the functionality of cloning the specific record. The Deep Clone feature can be attached to any of the desired objects. As the user clicks over the featured button, the popup reveals the list of subjects along with the relevant child records, where a user can select specific subject to be cloned along with its parent sObject. This way, Deep Clone empowers the cloning of subjects in more efficient manner.

Mass Clone:

Mass Clone is the unique feature, that facilitates the operation over multiple records at the same time. Here, a user can select the multiple records and clone them all. The acknowledgment message after the operation confirms the cloning of desired Objects.

Mass Delete: Mass Delete facilitates the safe deletion of the records. A user is rendered the features to select multiple records of any subject and delete them at the same time. It is the robust tool which also prevents the deletion of records, that are internally associated with other records. Here the association of records depending upon the criteria set while defining the relationships. Here also, the acknowledgement message confirms the deletion of desired records and provides the count for verifying the successful as well as unsuccessful deletions.

Mass Cloning and Mass Delete allows a user to view the records depending upon the selected Object and its fields as a table having checkbox to select multiple records.

Unlike off-the-shelf tools, Clone Power is the perfect tool for performing the safe record deletion and cloning with the motive of easing out the manipulations for user. A safe and secure approach to deletion and cloning of Objects saves the time along with making information & data management feasible.