Leading Cement Manufacture



Leading Cement Manufacture was set up in Rajasthan. Today, the company stands tall with an annual turnover of about Rs. 2100 Crores and an impressive production of 7.2 million tonnes per annum. Leading Cement Manufacture today is one of the most preferred brands in its marketing area with a network of about 3000+ dealers.


Leading Cement Manufacture has been effectively managing its processes and system with the disparate solutions. However, the huge growth of organisations has resulted into the brittle environment for managing and streamlining the processes. The limitation and constraints of standard Salesforce features prevents the prolific 360 degree view, that spawns the problem in following areas:

The management was not able to properly view the sales team activities and therefore the reporting and analysis become too time-consuming process. Unavailability of the tracking system, results into loss of data and it becomes hard to communicate on the go. The unmanaged records make it hard to keep track of activities in respect to a particular dealer and therefore, it becomes problematic to plan and forecast. Further, below are the problems that top management was facing for long :

  • endive Lack of acknowledgment from customers
  • endive Lack of visibility in dealers of secondary sales
  • endive Increase in logistics and travelling cost
  • endive Lack of visibility in pre/post sales service
  • endive Lack of visibility whether Sales Officer (TSC) actually visits the market (No Attendance system)
  • endive Inability to attach documents, images & videos of a project site.
  • endive Lack of case management whether it is resolved or not.

The approaches of legacy systems are not getting enough to leverage the solutions and therefore, the enterprise is needed an enhanced customization of the standard system.


Endive Software understands the problem and has delivered the prolific solutions after intense requirement analysis. The top management can now review key business metrics on regular basis. Furthermore, they can generate reports for any date and any time period. The proposed dashboard entitles for a real time snapshot of corporate metrics and key performance indicators.

Salesforce makes it easy to manage the leads and leverages business with the more acute approaches. The top management gets able to track the activities and set the reminders for the tasks. The properly managed approach allows to classify all account in different category so that the order management becomes more easy with the better sales planning and forecasting.

The customised Salesforce reports leverages:

  • endive Sales Productivity daily, weekly, monthly reports – Target vs. Achievements
  • endive Opportunity Reports – pipeline visibility reports, key wins
  • endive Lead Reports – Lead Status, Lead Source and Lead Activity
  • endive Pending Orders
  • endive Sales call reports – Daily, weekly, monthly reports with a break up of existing client call, visits to potential companies and new accounts

Furthermore, Indexing is implemented to give the feasibility of reaching out to the required information or section with a single click. User will be shown the list of objects wherefrom he/she can access the desired object and perform actions.

Endive Software has developed the feasible and effective solutions for business, which makes it easy for the top management to view the order with status report, pending order reports, tracking report of each sales representative, productive call report, outstanding information report for dealers, and the reports for the analysis of newly acquired dealers for the month.