Laravel 5.8 Is Released

The latest version Laravel 5.8 has been released and it is available for everyone. So the Laravel web developer can use this amazing version to make an impressive website. It is released with various features and with the latest bug fixes. Now Web development Company will use the latest version of Laravel.

Here are some new and amazing features of Laravel 5.8 which are used in Laravel Web Development

laravel update new version

PHP Dotenv

Integration with PHP Dotenv 3.0 makes it more flexible to manage your project. And the latest updates of dotenv are supporting for multiline strings and white space at the end of strings in your environment file

Cache TTL Changes

One of the amazing features is that Starting in Laravel 5.8, the time to live (TTL) used when passing an integer to cache drivers which represent seconds instead of minutes

Carbon V2

Laravel 5.8 is capable of using either Carbon v1 or carbon v2. In Carbon, v2 localization has changed quite a bit with better internationalization support.

Automatic Policy Resolution

In Laravel 5.8 as long as policies and models are in traditional locations, so the user doesn’t need to register them in the AuthServiceProvider class. It is one of the amazing features of the latest version of Laravel.