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We provide IoT based solutions that help startups and brands to connect with the things that matter the most.

IoT Application Development Company

In this tech world, the use of IoT is everywhere. Trusted by 30+ enterprise and startups, we at Endive Software are leading IoT app development company, helping businesses from all over the world with state of the art IoT app development solutions. We deliver impeccable solutions that help you exchange data (send and receive) of all physical devices that are connected with the internet. Utilizing the core components of IoT, we deliver high-quality solutions to the diverse industries ranging from healthcare to smart-home. We have a large pool of developers who hold profound experienced in IoT development and have helped many clients in empowering their businesses with purely productive solutions. Owing to our unparalleled expertise in the field, we also offer IoT Developer for remote location at affordable prices. You can Hire IoT Developer to build IoT apps for vehicles, smartphones, home appliances, healthcare, gadgets, wearable devices, and many other physical devices as well as human.

Alexa Skills Kit


Control and monitor everything through connected devices and IoT applications.

IoT Development Company


IoT applications are flexible and scalable that help you manage all activities.

Smart Home Skill API

Data Security

Data exchange through the cloud and local server are secured.

IoT App Development


Our Internet-of-things app development services are reliable and affordable.

We Provide Solutions for All Industries, Some of Them are here

We at Endive Software offers IoT-based solutions to meet the evolving demands of the clients. Some of our IoT development solutions are

IoT Wearable

IoT- Wearable

Smart wearable like smartwatches, smart clothes, and medical wearables contains sensors that enable the device to collect data and manage it into the application. We develop apps for these wearable devices that help users to retrieve needful information.

Access Data

Health Monitoring

Track Location

IoT Service

IoT- Connected Car

Make your ride secure and memorable by taking the advantages of our IoT application development services. Our Connected Car IoT application will update you with each aspect of driving and traffic conditions.

Secure Drive

Traffic Updates

Vehicle Tracking

IoT Development Service

IoT- Smart Homes

You can control the activities of your home or workplace by using connected devices. Our innovative and advanced IoT Smart Homes application development solutions help you manage all home-related activities.

Monitor Home Activities

Managing home appliances

Home Safety

IoT Development

IoT- Healthcare

IoT has brought a revolution in the healthcare industry. Taking the advantages of IoT, we build Healthcare IoT applications that will help fitness freak and patient to decipher the health-related issues.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Access Medical Records

Improved Patient Engagement

Our IoT Application Development Services

We at Endive Software offers IoT-based solutions to meet the evolving demands of your customers. Some of our IoT development solutions are

  • IoT Consulting Service
  • IoT App Development
  • App Development for IoT Devices
  • IoT Implementation
  • API Development For IoT App
  • IoT Support

Industries We Serve

We provide innovative and impeccable solutions for the following industries

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Entertainment
  • Banking
  • Food
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Business
  • Job/Career
  • Travel
  • Automobile
  • Dating

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