iBeacon App development
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iBeacon App Development

iBeacon is an effective protocol developed by Apple which enables smartphones, tablets and other devices to perform specific actions. Some of its advantages are:

  • Native Apple technology
  • Effective Advertising Tool
  • Cheap and Easy to Adopt
  • Boosts the Power of Personalization
  • Provides Insightful Data
  • Increases App Engagement
  • Increases App Retention
  • Accuracy in Performance

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iBeacon App Development Company

iBeacon is based on the concept of Beacon which is introduced by Apple. It is a piece of Bluetooth hardware that is required apps to exchange information. The main purpose of this application is to provide information about products, notifications, and other offers. Endive Software has enlisted this technology in its portfolio to offer maximum benefits to the valuable customers. Our iOS developers are well-trained in developing any kind of iOS based applications. Thus, our team of developers easily craft applications to make your daily routine task easier. Our app development services allow clients to broadcast and receive packets of tiny information via iBeacon device. In other words, small powered device iBeacon allows Bluetooth enabled devices to broadcast and receive tiny pieces of data within short distances.

We offer iBeacon app development services for all sizes of businesses. Through our services, you can enhance in-store shopping experience of your customers by sending advertisement notifications.

iBeacon Application Development Services

We provide innovative and tailored-made solutions to our clients at affordable prices.

iBeacon Consulting Services

Vehicle Tracking

We develop apps for vehicle tracking to track the location of the vehicle.

iBeacon Solutions

Transferring Documents

Allow your customers in sharing tiny pieces of data through our iBeacon apps development services.

iBeacon Services

Location- Based Information

Through our iBeacon app development, the one can share location- based information with others.

iBeacon App Development

Mobile Payments

Our dedicated developers develop iBeacon apps to make mobile payment quick

iBeacon Application Development

Indoor Maps & Navigation

We provide app development services for indoor maps and navigation.

iBeacon Development

Discount Notifications

Productive and engaging discount notifications application is one of our fields of expertise.

Why Use iBeacon App?

iBeacon App Development Services

Good For Data Share

Many organizations consider iBeacon apps for data sharing. You can transfer data by using iBeacon enable devices.

iBeacon Application Development Services

Good For Advertising

This iBeacon app is used by retailers to send notification or offer to the customers. The customers will get amazing offers when they visit the stores.

iBeacon Application Development


Making applications for iBeacon enabled devices are cost- effective. You can build iBeacon apps to enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

iBeacon App Development

i-net Connectionless

Beacon Technology is using Bluetooth low-powered energy to connect with the mobile app as well with other devices.

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