Google surprises its users every other day. These days Google is up-to something new in the field of e-Commerce. Google just announced its own e-Commerce platform which is providing a potential competition to Amazon. Google now has its biggest competitor in the market.

Google just announced its new platform for the vendors and customers its own e-Commerce platform. Google VP of Engineering for Shopping and Travel just announced some big changes which are coming to Google Shopping this year:

  • A Better Shopping Experience
  • The expansion of Showcase shopping ads

Amazon, on the other hand, is improving its rapidly growing ad business; Google is dominating e-Commerce for Amazon and another e-commerce platform.

Talking about Amazon the 2018 study shows that Amazon was the most popular platform for searching a product online- the title of which is owned by Google. In a comparison of Amazon and Google, millions of customers begin their new product search on Google everyday and this is the only reason to run shopping ads. Although, Amazon is the go-to shopping place for the users or customers these days. Advertisers are shifting their dollars to Amazon more and more.

How is Google changing and providing more value to their E-Commerce?

By Improving Google shopping and providing more value to their e-commerce advertisers. These are some changes unveiled in the Google Marketing Live.

Some changes that Google made in Google Shopping  & Amazon

  • Bigger and Better Shopping Experience at Google Shopping
  • At Amazon you can find and purchase any product easily
  • A User can browse personalized recommendations
  • You can shop wherever you want to
  • The Showcase Shopping ads now expands

That’s all of the insight you need to know about the new Google e-Commerce Platform and how the battle is going between Amazon and Google E-Commerce.