Google App
Engine Services

Cloud solutions have made their ways in this generation by powering many companies, enterprises or startups. The technology giants like Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services are ruling the IT industry with their robust and cost- effective cloud solutions. They allow businesses to put IT resources in the cloud. We at Endive Software, have years of experience in cloud computing technology, enabling us to deliver reliable, robust and cost-effective cloud-based solutions. With the right combination, we also integrate latest-generation technologies in cloud solutions to scale up your business operations. Various organizations such private sector, public sector, government, non-profit organizations are taking our cloud- based web development services in order to address their CRM, database or Cloud, data storage related solutions. Our potential in Cloud solutions helps us to deliver the right solutions in the right manner. Our dedicated developers are experts in developing cloud-based APIs, and applications using advanced languages like Java, Python, and PHP.

Cloud-based Services That We Provide To Run Your Services

At Endive Software, we produce highly advanced and scalable web services on a fully managed serverless platform. Our cloud- based services include:

Alexa Skills Kit

Google Cloud Platform Consulting

Utilizing the full power of Google Cloud, we help clients with effective and robust solutions. Meet your business needs with our cloud- based consulting services.

Alexa Voice Service

Google App Engine Development

Our dedicated developers are well-familiar with the Google App Engine. Thus, they can build highly scalable web applications by using built-in services & APIs.

Smart Home Skill API

Google Cloud Storage Development

Whether it is cloud data storage or local database storage, every business needs a strong database to store and access its database. We at Endive Software, use built-in services like NoSQL databases to build advanced Google Cloud Storage solutions.

Why Google App Engine Services?

Google App Engine is an open-source platform which is loaded with a set of comprehensive features. Benefits of Google App Engine Services:

1. Highly Scalable

Web applications built using the Google App Engine platform are highly scalable. It has advanced tools that will help you to customize web applications.

2. Secure Infrastructure

Google App Engine provides a secure infrastructure to build highly advanced and secure web and mobile applications. It also helps businesses in storing their database on the cloud.

3. Start Quickly & Build Faster

Google App Engine comes featured with a number of features that are well-suited for web and mobile applications. It allows you to build web applications faster in simple steps.

4. Scales Automatically

Google App Engine can easily scale your web and mobile applications automatically. It helps businesses in increasing traffic.

5. Supports all Major Languages

Google App Engine supports all the major languages like NodeJS, Java, Ruby, C#, Go, Python, or PHP to build highly advanced and secure web and mobile applications.

6. No maintenance

No need to spend your money on maintenance, as Google App Engine is an open source platform that is managed by a Google community. Thus there is no need of app maintenance as the Google App Engine takes care of errors or bugs.