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Education & E-learning has emerged as influential business models. Every educational firm is taking the benefits of technology to provide a smarter way of learning. Endive Software with its technical prowess helped various educational firms with standard and modern Educations & E-learning solutions. E-Learning app developers at Endive Software are well aware of the ins and outs of the e-learning solutions and promise for peerless education app development solutions at cost-effective prices. Following the latest technologies, we dedicatedly work with interactive solutions to provide enhanced mobility experience for institutes, universities, startups, schools, colleges, entrepreneur, and more.

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What We Do

We build tailor-made, standard and user-friendly solutions to make educations & e-learning more noticeable.

Understand E-learning System

By understanding the needs of clients, we analysis the core functions of Educational areas and develop result-oriented solutions accordingly.

Work With Innovation & Technology

We design and develop web and mobile applications by using attractive graphics and material to make our eLearning solutions highly engaging for students.

Building Revenue

To generate revenue through e-learning solutions and services, we deliver better solutions by providing various certification or e-learning programs in our services.

Cloud Solution

We help our clients at various levels to provide the right platform, for the right customers, at the right time.

Key Features

E-Learning App Development Features

Student Panel Features
  • Easy signin/signup for the user
  • View and choose a subscription plan
  • Pay for the subscription plan
  • Students can view the subjects available
  • Students can choose a subject from list
  • Students can post questions
  • Students can search tutors
  • Students can view and select tutor
  • Connect with tutor through video chat, text chat, or By posting a question

Tutor Panel Features
  • Tutor register account
  • Tutor can enhance his detailed profile
  • Tutor can manage his account settings
  • Tutor can edit his account details
  • Tutor can receive notifications, reviews and ratings
  • Tutor can connect with students on video, audio and chat
  • Tutor can view the available questions and can answer them

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin can manage users
  • Admin can manage subjects
  • Admin can manage the subscription packages
  • Admin can manage the badges
  • Admin can manage locations
  • Admin can manage content and various filters
  • Admin can manage sessions
  • Admin can view/delete earnings
  • Admin manage questions and notifications
  • Admin manage credits
  • Admin manage chats

Feature Expertise that We Offer In eLearning App Development Services

E-learning Integration Consulting

To achieve optimum growth in educational and e-learning sector, our e-learning consulting solutions come across the most seminal factors of education. Helping the startups and entrepreneurs to achieve digital transformation, our e-learning consulting service can be beneficial for your core e-learning system.

CMS Solutions

As technology paramount flexible learning modules, the control is back in the hands of students. Students can now easily access content through varied web-enabled devices such as web tutorials, smart phones or web applications. This empowers them to choose where, when and how they want to conduct the learning sessions which commences in better tracking and results.

Interactive Solutions

We create opportunities by making interactive solutions for educational organizations and entrepreneurs. Our methodology and forward-thinking approach help us to build innovative web and mobile applications. From online test to online video lecture, we provide everything that comparatively different and unique from others.

Student/Teacher Module

We incorporate the latest technology into our e-learning web and application development solutions to make it more functional. The teacher module helps the teachers to track the student activities like attendance and marks, while the students can access their attendance, watch video lectures and join test series.

Latest Projects



Buy Sell Marketplace App

Kidizen is the parent marketplace to shop and sell kids’ clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, books, nursery and room decor, and more. You can also find great deals on stylish maternity clothes, diaper bags, baby carriers, and other new baby essentials.


Healthare Connexion

Healthcare Application

Healthcare Connexion is a single easy-to-manage platform we developed for our US based client. This app allows healthcare agents to add patient details and send this request to clinicians to book an appointment on behalf of patient.

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