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Case Study Speekezy

Client Requirement


Our client, a UK based leading Media and Communication company had challenges with their existing Voice call and Chat app that comprised of old technologies, old-fashioned user interface and poor features. He wanted to modernize their entire working environment that would help their team in making better conversation with an individual or with a group, through developing Android and iOS App.

The main aim of the client was providing a seamless communication through in-app chat, voice call, video call, voice call conference, video call conference, and file sharing feature.

He started finding the best technology partner to accomplish their desire needs and came in contact with Endive Software.

Proposed Solution

Proposed Solution

After examining the existing application provided by the client, we found many loopholes in the application, Linphone was the major problem that we faced. Customization in it was not possible due to plugin conflict. Our business developer suggested him to start from the scratch and proposed the following business plan.

BRD Approval


Mockup Creation & Submission

Design Finalization


Technical Architecture

Technical Architecture

In addition to the application, the solution required an Admin Panel (PHP), from where the administrator of the application can control and manage the whole activities of the app, including all the networks, documents of all formats, contacts, images and videos. The latest technologies have been used in the application to provide high-quality voice and video calls even at slow speed internet to anywhere in the world.

In terms of User Interface, we crafted UI with more smooth colors and new iconography which has a modern look.

Technologies Used

Technologies Used

IOS DevelopmentSwift

Android DevelopmentAndroid Studio



Adobe XDDesign

Asterisk, Kamlio, XMPPAdvanced Technologies

Technical Challenges

Technical Challenges

The client wanted an application that provides high-quality voice & video calls at slow speed internet, that was really a challenging task for us, but we overcame it with our development techniques and methods. Advanced technologies- VOIP and SIP have been used to boost the voice and video quality. These technologies allow users to make phone calls and sends messages over internet protocol (IP) networks. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol used for initiating, and maintaining real-time sessions that involve video, voice and messaging services between two or more endpoints on IP networks.

Although, the development, design and testing of this app were not a part of challenges, we faced challenges during the project creation in three main components.

Technology Curb

Project Environment

Time Constraint



Endive Software helped the client develop a digital platform that allows users to make high quality voice and video call through VOIP and SIP.

Endive software also created an Admin Panel, which helped the client to view the application in a 360 view which helps them to increase more user activity and track it.

We provided an interactive application design to the client which helped them to attract more users for their application.

We made several categories and included them in application to keep things running and easy for the users to make voice, video calls and file sharing.

We ensured quality coding and extensive testing before the delivery.