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Project Overview

Project Overview

Aiming to encourage children and their life-long interest in learning with challenges and excellence in education environment. This application provides a wide range of opportunities aimed at broadening children’ horizons. This application is featured with thousands of questions that have been made in order to provide a clear understanding of children’s state of mind. Using this app, parents can focus and improve the learning ability of their children. This application was designed and developed by in-house team of Endive Software.

Goals & Objective

Goals & Objective

Focusing on the set of objectives, our aim was to deliver an innovative solution to help client define product goals and business outcomes. Keeping all academic facts in mind we made a unique application with amazing features, including children’s arriving time, leaving time, exam report, interest area and more.

Complete Architecture

The code is important here to build a strong app architecture as we created code to define the interaction between application, middleware system and database to ensure multiple features can work together.

Advanced Technology

For a better experience, advanced technologies have been integrated in order to make app more useful for the children, parents and teachers.

Outstanding Service

Our main motto was to build an innovative solution to let parents discover new opportunities for their children. Using this app, parents, and teachers can evaluate the nature of the children.

Features of AZIT

Features of AZIT

Profile Building

Student login

Uploading Photos

Question and Answering Session

Children’s Arriving Time

Children’s Leaving Time,

Notification Alert

In-app Messaging



To integrate question flow with objective type answer in application and calculate the performance of children was the most challenging part.

Our tech team took essential measures to overcome this challenge, and they resolved it wonderfully by combating all the technical glitches.

We started making wireframe, flow and structure of Azit and then converted it in visual design.

S3 bucket over AWS was used for images quality.

To keep data accessible anywhere anytime, cloud environment was used.

We had thoroughly tested app and done extensive quality assurance analysis to deliver the client a perfect application without any flaws.

Various algorithms have been created to keep the performance of the app going.