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Why Prefer Android App Development Over A Website


As with the growth of technology, websites did come up as the best platform to earn universal presence for your business, but with the introduction of the mobile app world, which commit a more business-specific approach and has a better reach for the targeted customer base, some businesses choose mobile application over a business website.  As we talk about the mobile app world, it is dominated by two leaders – iPhone and Android. iPhone however, has a smaller share, while Android dominates with a share of about 86% percent in the smartphone app world.

The Google Play Store has a huge customer base and thus claim a greater ROI than websites in some business areas. If you have a well-judged business idea, you just need an accomplished Android app development company to help you promote your business and gain great Return on Investments. So, let us have a look over the various factors that make businesses prefer Android application development over a responsive business website:

1)    Support for IoT, Cloud-Computing and Other Technologies:

In 2017 the technologies like IoT and Cloud-computing have picked up the IT industry by storm. And as the experts say, mobile app development shows a greater support for these upcoming technologies as compared to a web application. So to leverage the various perks you can use the Android application as an interactive app to take command over various external hardware. Various Baby Monitor apps and controlled appliances are some examples of IoT Android applications.

2)    The Rise of On-Demand Economy:

The recent years have witnessed a great rise in the on-demand economy owing to the increased usage convenience of on-demand applications. In this business area, Android application businesses with the help of their professional Android app developers can create engaging and on-demand apps for the promotion of your services and reach the targeted customer base. The various on-demand apps like Hotel Booking apps, branded restaurant Chain Apps, particular Airline apps, etc. can be created to gain high return on investments.

3)    Increased Social Media Penetration Through Mobile Applications:

Over the years social media applications have come into popularity owing to their great engaging potential and easily accessible nature. Owing to its huge customer base, the Android app market is inevitably a great leader in the world of social media applications. Thus, gaining high business revenue from the popularity of the app in the huge customer base of the Android app world. So, with the help of a well-recognized Android app development company, you can enter into the Android app market with a fully functional social media application.

4)    Accessible Android Applications For Mobile Payment:

The trend of mobile payments and utility applications have dominated the consumer market owing to the handy nature of smartphone applications and the high encryption standards applied. A capable Android app developer can help you build a utility or mobile payment Android application that may be used by a large customer base for various utility purposes like paying bills, filling forms and online payment transactions.

5)    Applications Native to Mobile Device For Improving Device performance:

Device performance enhancement apps can be a great business development market. With the great number of Android users, Android apps like – memory management apps, anti-virus apps, data security apps, etc. are quite famous. Here you can earn good revenue sum with the number of paid downloads of the app solution.

6)    Offline Applications:

Mobile applications work on a virtual interface and can be used offline for a limited amount of integrated functionality.Android applications which can be used offline for various uses are also common like- E-readers, data sharing apps, airline apps, etc. You can hire Android app developers with a high technical expertise to create your own offline gaming app or other offline applications that can be downloaded and used regardless of data connection.

7)    E-Commerce Mobile Applications Are In Trend:

The trends have shifted from E-Commerce to M-Commerce and now the mobile eCommerce apps result for almost an equal amount of eCommerce revenue as compared to eCommerce websites. The Android app market shows a higher ROI graph for eCommerce business, here you need to hire Android app developer or a professional Android app development company who can develop a feature-rich eCommerce Android application for you. With this, the features like push notifications and advertisement for new deals can be employed to build a direct marketing channel for your eCommerce application.

8)    Direct Marketing Apps:

Easy Recharge apps, Groupon Deals, Zomato, etc. are some of the various deal applications that have come into the picture with the changing user trends.  These applications provide a platform where services from different businesses are promoted. These apps crave a huge regular customer base and thus have a great popularity in the Android app market. This app idea can be utilized to create a direct marketing channel for your business with the help of an Android app development partner.

The above reasons state the productivity of Android application development platform in comparison to a website. So, to leverage the various perks of the Android app market for your business you can confidently go for our result-oriented Android app development services. To discuss your project requirements or to get a free consultation, connect with us at –

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