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Why Everyone Choosing Magento For Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Over the years significant improvements have been made in Magento. There is increase ease in usage as well as convenience in operations. That is why ecommerce owners are using it more often. Big brands such as Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, Fox Connect etc. are using Magento since its introduction.

Ecommerce Website Development

There are a plethora of reasons behind the use of Magento by businesses. When it comes to creating a new store or changing to new version, Magento is top choice. It is a comprehensive framework which has proven perfect for various business requirements. Now look at various features why Magento is chosen for Ecommerce website development.

1. The foremost reason behind Magento’s popularity is that it is open-source. Magento is available in two edition which can be chosen as per business requirement. This platform is adaptable as well as enables developers to make changes. They can also modify the codes according to business needs.

2. Magento has a flexible framework. This allows developers to add newest and latest technologies. This makes ecommerce website fast, performance-oriented as well as efficient. This framework encourages customization of products, brands etc. without any hassles.

3. With its in-built SEO features, it makes Magento stand out from the crowd of other ecommerce platforms. This means that this platform provide support to search engine optimized results.Magento development services use this feature to provide better solution to their clients.

4. Magento provides necessary responsiveness to the ecommerce websites. It makes them work efficiently on different devices. Customers can use these websites through their various mobile devices.

5. Magento has multiple storefornts with single back-end. It allows the developers to add numerous shopping carts to the platform. These contains large number of catalogs as well as product. It helps in providing impressive shopping experience to the customers.

6. Due to cross-browser compatibility, the ecommerce platform can be accessed through various browsers. It brings down the limitations of usage. It also allows the website to achieve higher rank on search engines. Magento web services can easily offer solution which can be used on multiple browsers. This extends the spectrum of their offering.

7. Since every customer require different payment options, website owners can integrate multiple payment modes. This facilitate the customers with better shopping experience. Its integration options include PayPal, QuickBooks etc. This allows the customers to make transaction from anywhere.

8. Most of the ecommerce websites operate globally. This requires incorporation of various languages as well as multi-currency option. Everyone has different requirement and needs. Ecommerce websites don’t want customers to leave the store without making the purchase. Due to this feature, Magento acquired significant market share in world of ecommerce.

9. Magento is a secured platform which keeps the details of the customers safe. Due to this, it avoids data infringement and theft from outside sources.

10. With Return Material Authorization of RMA, the stores can attract more customers. This makes easier for the customer to return their product in case they don’t like it. They can use return material extension to do the same.

11. Magento has numerous features which are incredible. However, developers can also extend it with different plugins. Using these plugins, the ecommerce store owns can customize the platform with ease. It also helps them to provide better shopping experience t their customers. This results in repeat visiting of the customers to their store.

12. For every business in any industry, there are multiple themes available to choose. Irrespective of what the stores are selling, Magento developer can easily find the one which fits the requirement.

13. Magento is designed and based on standardized PHP framework which is Zend framework. It provides the ability the platform to extend. Hence, it makes sure that it complements according to needs of every merchant.

14. If a business sells few hundreds or hundreds of thousands of products, Magento offer scalable solution. This feature allows the businesses to scale up their ecommerce website as they grow.

15. Magento offers in-built reporting system. It is particularly designed to monitor various operations of the business. This includes product purchase, customer activity as well as customer satisfaction level. The data is duly collected to augment the businesses to make better decisions. Hire Magento developer which can inculcate this feature in the website to assist your business in getting detailed data.

16. Magento allows the businesses to configure their portals as well as optimize their shopping carts. It leads to increased conversions. With the availability of one-step checkout, it reduces the abandoning of carts by the customers.


Magento has emerged as foremost platform when it comes to ecommerce websites. With its numerous features, it allows the business to create more robust and effective shopping platform. SEO friendliness increases the visibility and discoverability of the websites on search engines. Multiple payment options provide payment alternatives required by the customers. Using RMA extension, customers can easily return the product they don’t like. Customers can access the magento ecommerce websites on their different devices and on various browsers. These few features along with additional ones make Magento an ideal choice for Ecommerce website development.

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