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Why Drupal 8 Is The Platform of Choice for CMS Projects?

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Drupal is one of the most famous Content Management System (CMS).  It has been the right CMS platform and powering more than one million websites across the globe. It holds a successful history in catering complex website development needs of the software development companies and delivering the best digital experiences from the last 15 years.  It is the platform that brings all the organization into the same platform, whether it is private, government or a global institute. It is the combination of both technology and innovation which has raised the standard of web development platform.

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Drupal 8 is the latest and updated version of Drupal CMS. In short time, it has cemented its place as the first choice of entrepreneurs to start their new projects with. According to Drupal developers, it has something for all who have digital experience in administration,     web development, content management, business decision making etc.  It is reliable and fast.

The article will explain the factors that make Drupal 8 the best platform for CMS projects.

Highly Flexible:  If you are planning to build a CMS website which includes a lot of features, Drupal 8 is the best choice for you.  It is highly flexible. It depends on open API’s ranging from its first initiative to API’s for Aqua lift, Aqua cloud and Site factory that enable business in delivering critical services better and faster.

Flexible Content Management: The new Drupal version is very much capable of handling web content. The well-developed framework helps efficiently in both composing and publishing content on websites. Additionally, its workflow is very easy to understand and maintain. Additionally, it allows Drupal developers to view the content before getting it published that too on various devices. One can edit or review the content quickly.

Drupal 8 has an inbuilt CK Editor which is revamped with WYSIWSY editors that contain several formatting buttons like italic, bold, links and images. It helps you to modify the content and it also has a drag and drop feature which allows in removing items from toolbar and editing image captions.

Manage Content For Apps, Feeds And Other Services:  Drupal CMS development helps you in managing content not only on websites but also for services, apps, feeds etc. That means it can serve a mobile app, an XML feed, a JSON object, or a native authenticated web service. It helps you to build an interactive front end using your favourite framework (Backbone, Ember, Angular, and React etc.) while using Drupal as a data source. This feature is a big shift from its previous versions. It allows a true separation between back-end CMS functions and front-end development process.

Effective Website Building Tools: Organizational websites require medium to high degree of richness which is not possible for SaaS builders to provide. These web owners need user-friendly website development tools that are easy to understand and navigate. They also don’t require configuring and installing scores of custom codes and writing custom codes. Well, this is possible with Drupal 8.

Drupal 8has already announced that it has some built-in powerful tools like layout builders, a media library that help in improving website development experience and modern JavaScript to its core.

 Mobile Friendly: No one can ignore the fact that today the number of users browsing the web using smartphones is greater than a number of users browsing the web using a desktop. Hence, having a responsive website is necessary.

Drupal 8 is completely mobile responsive. Website developers can deliver the best and most engaging experience to users on mobile, desktop, and tablet at the same time. The administrative toolbar has been updated which enables CMS to follow the responsive theme automatically to adopt mobile or desktop screen. Now one can easily build an API for mobile app and edit images and content on any mobile devices.

Fast To Load: A small delay to load a website can hamper user experience. By loading JavaScript, only when required, Drupal 8 instantly updates the entities. This results in loading web pages faster and hence improves website performance.

Highly Secured: Security is the backbone of businesses especially online services. Moreover,if you are planning for CMS website development, it is one of the most important points to consider. Drupal 8 includes a fast, secure and flexible template engine named Twig for PHP. The Twig helps in writing templates in an easy to understand syntax along with greater security and several simplifications.

Multi-lingual Features: The translation system is completely rewritten in Drupal 8. It has more than 94 languages available for installing and has flexible language code mapping system. With this feature, one can easily implement local languages and translate regional content. Drupal Developers have full authority to create web pages with language-based block filters. It also contains four different modules for translation and language support.

Superior Integration Features: Drupal 8 has digital integration features like REST API in core which is very important in managing organization’s marketing solutions, emails, analytics and several digital solutions. To share the content seamlessly with other technologies, it has an important feature named Arguably.

Innovation is the key to sustain in this competitive digital world. Drupal 8 with its advanced flexible and customized features, has emerged as the most popular and effective version of Drupal. It provides one of the best digital experiences and we are looking forward for many such features in future.

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