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Why Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

Choose Flutter For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

With regards to creating hearty versatile mobile applications in a short time, the upsides of cross-platform mobile application advancement leave organizations or businesses with less intelligent motivations to go with native mobile application development.

Indeed, even with cross-platform mobile application development, there are various alternatives available in the mobile app development market that also provides some advantages for mobile app development.

Flutter from Google has arisen as the most ideal choice for organizations and mobile app developers to build scalable and high-performance native-like apps.

Flutter provides a lot of benefits compared to other cross-platform platforms available and the role of these advantages is very important and promising for both development and business processes.

Topmost tech giants such as Alibaba and Github are using Flutter for their application development.

Let’s have a look at stats that tell everything about the popularity of Flutter-

In 2020, 39% of developers have used Flutter for mobile app development.

As per the Statista 2020 survey, Flutter is the second most famous cross-platform mobile app development framework using global developers. And the usage of the Flutter framework will be double in the upcoming years.

Google reported that 500,000 developers use Flutter monthly.

78% of Flutter developers use the stable channel, 11% use beta, and 11% use either dev or master.

The top five territories for Flutter are India, the United States, China, the EU, and Brazil.

What is Flutter?

Owned by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile UI framework that allows mobile app developers to build native interfaces for Android and iOS from the same codebase. It is a complete mobile SDK (Software Development Kit) that provides mobile app developers everything for building a cross-platform mobile app. This includes a rendering engine, command-line tools, ready-made widgets, and testing and integration APIs.

Benefits of Using Flutter For Mobile App Development

Here are some prominent features of the Flutter framework that make it an ideal choice for mobile app developers, businesses, and startups.

Let us highlight the ones that make it an apt choice for businesses and developers.

  • Single Code For Two Platforms

When you are looking for Android and iOS app development, Flutter has you covered with its cross-platform capabilities. The SDK is not dependent on the platform as it has its own designs and widgets. This means that the same app runs on both platforms.

  • Ready-to-use Widgets

Flutter provides developers with a rich set of widgets for creating innovative and complex custom widgets that one can consider as per their requirement. It also offers a full set of widgets via Google’s Material Design to make apps more beautiful.

The framework majorly requires Canvas to design the widgets, so they can easily appear on the screen and provide access to services like camera, Bluetooth, etc.

  • Cost-Effective

Building a native app requires a lot of resources and money for companies since programmers need to write thousands of different codes for multiple operating systems. Whereas, in cross-platform apps, a single code base is used to build applications on different platforms or operating systems, thus minimizing the cost of maintenance of the software effectively.

  • Hot Reload Feature

Hot-reload is one of the best features that make Flutter the best platform for cross-platform mobile application development. It speeds up the overall development process as it allows developers to make quick changes in the code in real-time and provide the live preview on the front end. It helps in fixing the bugs and improves the overall performance of the mobile application.

  • Using Own Rendering Engine

For any client, application execution is one of the excellent things to search for, and being an incredible technology, Flutter offers you to do such countless trials with your application that you cannot find on other platforms.

Since Flutter utilizes Skia for delivering itself onto a provided stage, in this manner, it is simpler to dispatch the Flutter put together UI with respect to any stage practically. Also, Flutter utilizes its own rendering engine, so you at this point don’t have to change the UI while moving it to the next stage. This is the most compelling motivation that organizations liked to work together with the ripple application improvement organization.


Are you looking out for the best mobile app development platform then you should consider Flutter for your online business? No matter what application you are going to build, Flutter will help you with many promising advantages. You can also hire a Flutter mobile app developer or partner with the best Flutter app development company that can help you with the desired solution.

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