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Why Android App Development Is A Prudent Choice For Startups


Today the business world is marked by a great competition, where millions of businesses are still trying to earn a distinguished stand for themselves. With that said, it is immensely challenging for the startup businesses to gain the desired entry in this highly competitive business world. Helping them to overcome this challenge, the Android app market serves as one of the most potential business development platforms for startup businesses.

Android app market owing to its huge customer base and various perks like high ROIs, support for new technologies, and greater customer reach, have come up as a superior business platform as compared to a business website. The platform can help the startup businesses surpass the high competition of the web world, to create a recognized market presence for themselves in a faster way. With this, the average productivity of an Android app development solution is higher than a website solution.

So here we bring you the factors making Android application development the most prudent choice for Startup businesses-

1)    Expanded Field for Experiments and Opportunities:

Owing to a high risk factor a start up business requires an ample area for experiments so as to find the most optimum path for business promotion. Here is where the Android app market platform comes into the picture. A well-developed and scalable Android app by a capable Android app development company can help you target a great customer base and get market feedback for your business idea. A functional and flexible Android app from a professional Android app developer gives you a wide area to innovate various business development ideas. With this, a scalable app solution can help you gather market feedback and grow your solution accordingly.

2)    Lower Development Cost and Quick Return On Investment:

Android is an open-source platform and has a lower cost of application development as compared to web applications. This can help you manage the budget parameters for your startup business. Moreover, you can go for scalable app solutions that can be extended once they reach a desired level of popularity. Mobile app solutions also feature a faster time to market as compared to the web and offer a quick return on investment in comparison to the latter. The active customer base of the Android app market and the great customer reach the platform offers are added benefits in order to evaluate your startup idea in an initial phase.

3)    Building A Direct Marketing Channel Through Your App Solution:

Smartphone market serves a huge customer base worldwide and evidently Android holds 84.6% of the smartphone share. With this huge audience, Android app gives you the capability to reach each customer in an optimum manner by unlimited notification feature through which you can build a direct marketing channel and also utilize it to build profound customer relationships. The notification feature can also be used to boost customer loyalty by offering a personalized set of services to your loyal customer base.

4)    Making Your Business Solution Accessible:

As we know that the handy nature of the smartphones makes them more accessible as compared to a PC or laptop, therefore choosing an app solution can be a great idea as compared to a web application. A study reveals that an average user is active on his smart phone device about an hour daily, therefore he is more likely to access an application installed on his device as compared to a website. With this, if your business app solution is installed on a user’s smart phone, he is likely to surf across your app icon every time he uses his device. This will help you create your brand presence in your user’s mind, thereby increasing your reach. But, for availing this opportunity, you will need a superlative Android app solution that is chosen as a preferred option among your competitors by your target user. For this, you need the support of a professional Android application development company.

5)    Rapid Development Perks:

Being an open-source platform with more than thousands of resources available, Android application development reportedly utilizes lesser time as compared to website creation due to the easy availability of code libraries. A professional Android app developer can develop functional  Android apps for you in a lesser time and help you in gaining quick returns of investments for your Startup goals.

Accept the above mentioned reasons there are various other reasons for choosing the Android app market for your startup goals, including support for cloud computing, IoT, etc. With this, you can hire Android app developer or get best-in-class Android app development services at cost-effective price by connecting with us at –

Ajay Goyal

Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and website development for enterprises and startups.

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