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What’s New In Laravel 6.0

What’s New In Laravel 6.0

Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks which is built to provide excellent accessibility over the web application development or Laravel Application Development. To make Laravel application development easier and fast, Laravel every six months comes with new updates including bug and security fixes. Now this time, a new version of Laravel has been introduced- Laravel 6 and it’s available to everyone.

The release of Laravel 6.0 has the new LTS version of Laravel, along with bug fixes until September 3rd, 2021 and security fixes until September 3rd, 2022.

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Laravel 5.5 was the previous LTS until the security update with the fix in August 2020.

The updated table with versions with the dates of the latest versions of Laravel:

VersionReleaseBug Fixes UntilSecurity Fixes Until
V1June 2011
V2September 2011
v3February 2012
v4May 2013
5.0Feb 4th, 2015Aug 4th, 2015Feb 4th, 2016
5.1 (LTS)Jun 9th, 2015Jun 9th, 2017Jun 9th, 2018
5.2Dec 21st, 2015Jun 21st, 2016Dec 21st, 2016
5.3Aug 23rd, 2016Feb 23rd, 2017Aug 23rd, 2017
5.4Jan 24th, 2017Jul 24th, 2017Jan 24th, 2018
5.5 (LTS)Aug 30th, 2017Aug 30th, 2019Aug 30th, 2020
5.6Feb 7th, 2018Aug 7th, 2018Feb 7th, 2019
5.7Sep 4, 2018Feb 4th, 2019Sep 4th, 2019
5.8Feb 26th, 2019Aug 26th, 2019Feb 26th, 2020
6.0 (LTS)Sept 3rd, 2019Sept 3rd, 2021Sept 3rd, 2022

What’s New In Laravel 6.0?

Let’s take a look at what’s new in Laravel 6.0 and how you can work with them right away.

  • Lazy Collections

In Laravel 6, Lazy collection is the new feature that will provide you with a way to work with a large set of data, including Eloquent model collections. New lazy collection Illuminate\Support\LazyCollection class leverages generators to keep memory consumption low while dealing with large datasets.

It is very simple and easy to use as if you’re working with eloquent models, you can choose to load one model into memory at a time instead of everything at once by using the cursor() method instead of all().


  • Laravel UI

The frontend scaffolding provided by with Laravel 5.x has been moved to Laravel UI with the Laravel 6.0 version release. And you could notice the extension that is laravel/UI package. In the new Laravel 6.0 application, you won’t see any Vue or Bootstrap scaffolding.

  • Laravel Vapor

Laravel Vapor is one of the best features introduced by Taylor Otwell in Laravel 6.0. It is auto-scaling serverless deployment platform for Laravel which is powered by AWS means using Vapor, you don’t need to manage and update servers for your Laravel application.

  • Job Middleware

Job Middleware is also the best feature introduced by Taylor Otwell, which allows jobs to run through middleware method-


The middleware will help you avoid custom logic in the body of your job’s handle() method.

  • Laravel Spark

Laravel Spark is an amazing version that will let you implement the amazing features while building web applications. This version comes with amazing features such as per-seat pricing, localization, admin panel, and more.

  • Improved Authorization Responses

In the previous edition of Laravel, it was hard to retrieve and expose custom authorization to the users. In Laravel 6, this is now much easier using authorization response messages through the new Gate::inspect method. For example, given the following policy method:



If you are using the Laravel framework for building web apps. Great! You could try the latest version of Laravel to experience the Laravel framework development. We hope this article will meet you with your requirements. You could also hire Laravel Developer India and Laravel Web Development Company for Cost-effective Laravel Development Services.

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