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What Makes React Native the Future of Hybrid App Development?

Hybrid App Development

At present, there are many developers who have initiated the use of React Native in order to developer various kinds of mobile apps. Whether it is a startup or a big corporation, this provides a great experience for all the developers to utilize its open source platform for development. It provides them a way to develop an app using JavaScript.

Hybrid App Development

It is a JavaScript library which is quite useful to developer UI as per its description by its creators. It mostly lay focus on the view and appearance aspect of the app. It signifies that when you develop a react native app; the view code consists of writing of react components which is just a tiny segment of the code which portrays the aspect of the asp look which is based on the input data set. This simplifies the process of app development for any mobile app development company.

In case you are thinking of launching an app, then you may feel conflicted about whether to choose and develop a native app or hybrid app for your business. Native apps are the apps such as a calendar, a web browser or an alarm clock which are inbuilt in your mobile phone as a default.

When any mobile app developer initiates the process of development of applications with the use of any given platform and required programming language like Swift for iOS or Java for Android, then that apps is called as a native. It is designed to access various features of the OS of any mobile phone like camera, media files, and likes of them.

Due to ease of development along with enhanced user experience, Hybrid apps are witnessing a growth in their popularity. React Native is quite an important and efficient tool from the house of Facebook in creating a hybrid app for iOS and also for Android. This provides an added advantage to any application development company to target the right audience with added features and functionalities of their apps. It also makes it future of hybrid app development which is proved by the benefits it brings.

Benefits of React Native in Hybrid App Development

1. Increased Portability

It helps the developer to port around half of app code to a different platform. The developers are provided with the ability to transfer entire app’s logic, other than the different view elements which are required as templates of display information on the mobile screen.

2. Third Party App Compatibility

This provides the capability to integrate with any third party which allows the device to get benefitted by the features of the third party app. Also, the integrated APIs allow smoother operation of the device since they don’t add any additional load. It also maintains optimal performance as the memory usage is also minimized. This is an important incentive of the hybrid app to developer.

3. Code Reutilization

The major feature is that it allows the developers to reuse the code which has already been written for any given platform. A hybrid app developer doesn’t have to rewrite the code. It helps in saving the time of developers so that they can concentrate on his app rather than dealing with the coding. The developer can also use his code which is written on any platform. This becomes quite beneficial for a mobile app developer as he can put their focus on other aspects of the app.

4. Efficient App Development

With the use of ReactJS, the apps can achieve high speed along with responsiveness. It provides effectual processing as well as great user experience which provides a native app experience to the app users. React Native covers the famous Facebook UI library, which is ReactJS for web applications. It provides better performance of an app along with making the programming quite easy for hybrid app development.

With the features such as reusability of code along with increased portability, efficiency in app development process, focused UI, etc., React Native has become famous in hybrid app development.

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