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What Makes Flutter Best For Android And iOS App Development?

What Makes Flutter Best For Android And iOS App Development?

Flutter is the most trending app development platform in today’s time, which is widely being used by programmers and startups to build interactive apps. Due to the increasing popularity of native applications, the tech majors Google and Facebook have introduced their own app maker frameworks named Flutter and React Native. These frameworks are built to help programmers to build cross-platform solutions that comparatively look attractive and eye-catching.

What is Flutter?

It is an open-source framework, introduced and supported by Google. This technology is used to build native-looking iOS and Android applications from the same code base. Just after a few days of launch, it has become the most popular mobile SDK for app developers due to its large community, built-in widgets or tools, and libraries.

Mobile app development using flutter is fast and simple as it uses Dart programming language that is easy to learn if you have a good understanding of Java or JavaScript. Its syntax is easy to learn as being an open-source platform it supports most of the object-oriented concepts.

If you want to build sleek cross-platform smartphone applications, then nothing is better than this solution. This mobile SDK allows developers to build mobile applications for Android and iOS with faster speed and fewer resources.

Now the question is that- what makes flutter best for android and iOS app development?

Obviously, this tool is the future of mobile application development. There are various real facts that make this tool an ideal platform for Flutter cross-platform development.

What Makes Flutter the First Choice of Mobile App Developers?

This technology is considered as the best framework for quick Flutter development. From designing to execution, you can build a multi-platform app that is in trending now. Here are the reasons that make this framework best for mobile app development-

  • One-codebase

How easy it is when you write a single codebase to build two applications (Android and iOS). In native app development, you require two different teams to build apps in Android and iOS. In this tool, coders only build single codebase to build apps for iOS and Android platforms.

  • Cross-platform Development

Cross-platform development is very easy with this mobile SDK. If you have basic knowledge of JavaScript, then you can easily build an interactive mobile app for iOS and Android as they are quite similar.

  • Quick Development with Minimal Resources

To build cross-platform apps using this tool, you don’t require any other skills or team. With minimal resources, you can build a native-like mobile application with ease that is the reason why it has become popular among mobile app companies and startups. Every Flutter app development company in India considers less resources for a single project.

  • Rich Widget Tree & Libraries

This technology provides built-in widgets and libraries to build a user interface of mobile applications. It has two sets of widgets available- Material Design (Compatible with Google’s design guidelines) and the second one is- Cupertino (Follow Apple’s guidelines).

  • Hot-reloaded

Hot-reloaded is one of the best features that makes it a more powerful platform over other platforms. This feature allows you to make changes in the code during development.


Flutter app development is being used by various other top brands such as Google Assistant, The New York Times, Square, Google Ads (Utility), and Xianyu by Alibaba (m-commerce app). If you are planning to build a mobile application to get your business online, then it is prime time to go with this technology. By choosing this technology as a development framework, you can save huge time and money over other resources.

You can hire mobile app developer or Hire Flutter app developer if your requirements are less. For an app with advanced technology and complex features, you should contact to best Mobile App Development Company in India that can help you with the best Flutter app development services.

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