What Makes Flutter An Ideal Choice For Mobile Application Development? Everything You Need To Know




What Makes Flutter An Ideal Choice For Mobile Application Development? Everything You Need To Know

Sep 13, 2022 Mobile App

From online money transfer to online shopping, there is a dedicated mobile application for day-to-day activities. In this hyper-connected world, businesses are obsessed with productivity and quick services as they provide customers with amazing tools to make their daily routine tasks easier than before.

We all have many mobile apps installed in our smartphones we use to accomplish many tasks like online food order, online payment, online shopping, ticket booking, and many more.

The main important thing that every user wants in a utility app is better performance, advanced security, a beautiful user interface, and smoother animation.

There are many mobile app development platforms in the market for Android and iOS mobile application development. To provide an amazing experience with advanced performance and security, technology giant Google has introduced a new cross-platform app development platform named Flutter.

What is Flutter?

Flutter, introduced in 2017, is Google’s UI toolkit that is widely being used for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase. This free and open-source mobile SDK uses Dart Programming Language to build code for mobile apps.

What makes Flutter best is Fast Development, Expressive and Flexible UI, and Native Performance.

In today’s time, Flutter has become the first choice of mobile app developers and startups for cross-platform application development.

Moreover, the world’s popular tech companies like Alibaba, Google Ads, BMW, eBay, Groupon, Birch Finance, App Tree, and Hamilton Musical rely on Flutter.

If you are planning to build a cross-platform mobile app for your business then Flutter might be the most promising platform for you.

Here in this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should choose Flutter for your mobile app development

1. Widespread Developer Adoption

In a short period, Flutter has arisen as the most powerful platform for cross-platform application development. However, the demand for this platform will continue in the future. Furthermore, it is literally very easy to learn and use as an individual with no technical skills can easily build mobile applications for Android and iOS.

2. Dart Language

Dart is a programming language that is exceptionally simple to learn. The one with the basic technical knowledge can build a mobile app for Android and iOS using a single code-base. This language gives certain advantages to the software engineers to compose and aggregate code rapidly. The code written in Dart runs quicker than a similar code written in JavaScript. Additionally, it likewise helps mobile app developers to forestall errors in occurrences where they get a parse number in a string or when factors get zero.

3. Write Code Faster

This mobile SDK is known for quick coding implies the one can assemble applications by composing less codes in less time. It likewise permits developers to change code in run-time and can immediately see the progressions made in the code in the application. The designers can utilize similar code to assemble the iOS and Android applications. Additionally, this instrument likewise gives custom gadgets written in Dart to create a User Interface with no endeavors. Utilizing JavaScript libraries given by Flutter, engineers can construct cross-stage applications for Android and iOS.

4. Multi-Platform Capability

Cross-platform is one of the primary elements which makes it the best cross-platform mobile app development. It empowers the designers to compose the code once, gather it, and use it for an assortment of stages like Android, iOS, and Windows. This is the following huge thing that you can consider to set aside tremendous time and cash in creating local applications.

5. Hot Reload

Hot Reload is the best feature of Flutter to engage the Flutter application engineer. Being a solitary code platform, it is basic and simple to troubleshoot the code in less time as quality experts just have one codebase to test. In addition, it has an auto-reload highlight that permits designers to make changes in code continuously and fix the bugs in an application while building up the application.

Flutter App Development Cost in India

Comparatively, the cost of app development in Flutter is lower than native app development. In native app development, you will require double resources, time, and money to develop iOS and Android applications, while in cross-platform you only require single source code to build Android and iOS apps.

Here are some of the major factors that may affect the cost of Flutter app development.

  • Designing
  • Backend & Server
  • Functionalities and Integrations
  • Maintenance & Support
  • App Development Location

Integrating all advanced features and technologies, the cost of a utility mobile app like Groffers will cost you around $15000.


No doubt, Flutter has become the mainstream of cross-platform mobile app development. Various startups and tech companies consider Flutter due to its high performance and flexibility.

If you are planning to build a cross-platform app, then you should consider Flutter. For this, you can hire mobile app developer or partner with the best Flutter App Development Company India who can assist you with the best Flutter app development services.

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