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10 Innovative and Modern Web Design Trends

Innovative and Modern Web Design Trends

Are you planning to build a website for your business? Your website will look modern and classic today but after a few months it may fade out. There are various trends in the market that come and go, but craftsmanship would always be in fashion. In the last 10 years, we have seen massive changes in website development. Thus, the advent of new technologies and tools has played an important role in the popularity of web development trends. Image Search, Voice interfaces, Chatbot, Animation, and other crazy things are taking the tech world by storm.

Everything from colors to layouts, typography to white space, and everything in between, all of this gained huge popularity among the developers in 2018 will continue to emerge as trends in 2019.

So before starting website development, you need to focus on the trending features that are crucial to the success of your website. There are so many great things happening in web design around you.

10 Innovative and Modern Web Design Trends For 2019

In this article, we will discuss the innovative and modern web design trends for 2019 that will lead the website development.

Minimalism Design

A website with minimal design elements is well appreciated by the users. It is said that a website with open spaces, impressive typography, and simple two-dimensional illustrations makes a massive impact. Minimalist designs help users to focus on what they are looking for. Thus, it also helps in website load faster. Website of Apple is a live example of it.

Full-Screen Video Background

The concept of video in the background is pretty good as it helps you to catch the customer’s attention. Moving objects tend to more impressive and attractive. The short video provides more information which lets your customers to quickly understand the characteristics of the web page, product or services. Using video in the background can increase user time on the web page and also help in bounce rate, and conversion rates.

CSS3 Animation and High-quality Photos

Whether it’s mobile applications or websites, animations are widely used to enhance the overall look of the websites. The animation is one of the most popular trends in today’s time which is dominating the digital landscape. Animations placing over the high-quality photos make your website more engaging.

Responsive Design

Most importantly your website should be compatible with devices of all sizes. A responsive website gives a feel like an app as the content of the website moves dynamically according to the screen size. As per the reports, around 70% of users use their smartphones to get things done. So you need to take this into account before developing a website.

Bright and Rich Gradient

Color gradient plays an important role in the design and looks of the website. It has always been in trend and adopted by designers around the world. You should also consider this fluid gradient in your website to add more look and feel on your website. From bright image overlays to gradient background to animations that feature vibrant colors combination and moving colors will help you gain popularity in this digital world.

Creative Bold Typography

You can expect creative and bold typography from your designer. The design of the web page is just as important as the content displayed on it. If your website doesn’t draw many impressions in the crowd then you will always struggle to build an audience, because 90% of information on a webpage is text. Use font and bold typography that look good and enhance your brand’s recognition.

Friendly Navigation

Usability is an essential goal of any website. If you want to build a large customer base, then you should consider easy-to-use navigation. A website with user-friendly navigation draws the user’s attention. If you provide your users with simple and easy-to-use navigation, then chances would be high of coming again to your website. We need to be very careful when implementing navigation in your designs. Simple, calm navigation is usually much more user-friendly than an evolved, dynamic one.

Broken Grid and Asymmetrical Layouts

Web design has always been in trend and it has brought a huge transformation in the industries. A lot of websites running out with amazing features. Broken grid or asymmetrical layout is one of them that also flaunt the look of a website. A grid is a term that helps a designer maintain alignment and consistency easily when they are adding content, and photos to the website. We suggest you follow the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts to give a standard look to your website.

Fluid Design and Elements

Several websites are running out that feature fluid design and elements. A website with fluid design and elements gives a rich and modern look to the website. Fluid design is a modern design element that website designers rely upon to streamline high-quality content and create a better user experience. You can also consider this for your website it would always be in trend.

Custom Graphics and Illustrations

The use of custom graphics and illustrations is increasing rapidly in website development. Thus, you can see the use of both in various websites. The graphics and illustrations are dominating the creative world. You can consider these two components for your website to provide rich information to your customers. There are various website design services you can contact to get custom graphics.


We have discussed various important facts that are in trend today. If you want to stay in this competitive world for a long time, then you should follow these trends and build a website with minimalistic designs with fewer elements, really would make a huge impact on your website.

To build a website with all these features, you need to hire web designers and web design company to meet your desired web development services needs.

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