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Want Mobile App For Your Startup? 5 Things You Should Do

The millennial spent half of their time on the internet and 69% of them use app all the time for one thing or another. These days you can use an app for every little task and seeing the popularity for this trend, many startups and other businesses are taking this route.

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But startups have a different take on this, they have the fresh and new idea but always emphasize on speedy launch which can compromise the quality if something is not taken off before.

In this article, we will be talking about what research any startup must conduct before engaging any app developer.

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Shortcomings of a startup while developing a mobile app:

Budget– Startups especially new ones are tight on budget and that sometimes poses a problem for developers. Before creating an app, certain factors have to be researched like market, audience, and competition which need finance too. Thus, the allotment of money for the developers becomes very less which can affect the quality of the app.

Launch time: Startups bank on their apps for finance and influence in the market, and thus want it to be quickly developed and launch. For this to happen, they often hire one person to develop it and other to sell it which leads to an app that is not very satisfactory.

Limited resources– A startup usually consists of limited people and many times a person is asked to do something about which he has no knowledge. This compromises the productivity of the app.

Here are some checklists that a startup needs to follow before engaging with a mobile app development company: –

Know the app’s playing field

Before you engage any mobile app developer, it is crucial to understand the playing field of the app. This means checking out which apps are popular and what the reason behind this popularity is. You can do this by: –

  • Surfing the app store to check out the existent apps that work on the same ideas as yours and whether your app can make any difference.
  • Conduct a survey to find out how many apps are there with the same ideology, what is working for them and what is not? Also, find out if your app has something unique that will make it successful.
  • Research the market and audience and see if there is any demand for the product you are making an app for.
  • For finding this, you can type in specific keywords in Google related to the app, to see if it has the capacity to generate enough traffic or not.

Know your customer and market

This point talks about the need to research the audience and market before engaging any app development company. It’s all about:

  • Knowing your audience and their needs and problems, and then coming up with an app that will provide a solution is the key to success.
  • So have a brainstorm session, pen down different ideas, think about how will it conceptualize and then start working on building it. This process is known as app discovery.
  • Also, analyzing the market is important too as it will help you understand where the demand for the said app is more.
  • As a startup, you may not have enough resource for doing this, but many app development companies provide this service too. So look for a firm that provides the full package.

Revenue generation

Be straight with your developer about the reason behind creating the app which is monetization and generating revenue. So, plan the right strategies that will help you get good profit because being a startup you can’t just survive on user engagement.

Thus it is very important to let them know your ideas about ads in the app, premium and paid apps and work with them to make these ideas a reality.


No one is going to download the app if they don’t know about it, so set aside some budget for promotional strategies too. For the marketing of the app, you should devise a plan for creating a buzz through social media and emails. Also, keep trying, out of box ideas for making the audience know about your app.

MVP and wireframes

MVP means minimum viable product.  It is the idea of your app, a simple version with some core features developed. The reason behind this is to get the feedback from the target audience about the app and make any changes necessary.

  • This is not the complete app, but this testing helps you come with a data for your investors and also lets you tweak the app for it work better.
  • Wireframes are the blueprint of the app which helps you to understand how the app will look and feel after developing. This helps to sort out any differences between you and your app creator.

These were some points that you need to know before you engage with any mobile app development services. Hopefully, this will help you but always remember two things- always find ways to make the user experience smooth and also the company you hire should use the best mobile app development software.

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