Top Technology Trends To Influence Web Development

Top Technology Trends To Influence Web Development

The internet and technology have turned our existence upside down. Each year, technology comes with new updates and advanced features that are worth following in the web development space. New technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., have been invented to provide people every type of comfort they want. Likewise, these latest web development technologies are considered to be the best road map to reach the target audience. Having technologies-based platform is important in creating goals for strategy.

In the last few years, we have seen a lot of updates or changes in websites or e-commerce websites that are in trends now. 360-degree product previews, eye-catching animation, advanced filtering, and product search have become the trending features of e-commerce websites.

In addition to these special snowflakes, we access dozens of websites every day that features improved changes, appealing look or enhanced features. With it, technology brings many changes every-second in the web app development practice.

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Moreover, utilizing the benefits of these technologies, modern entrepreneurs or startups are making use of trending design and technologies to transform their businesses.

Moreover, the internet is full of some appealing, trending and inspiring websites. Every day, hundreds of new websites are added in the technology space to double the competition. Over 2 billion and less than 200 million active websites to date.

If you want to make your business website or develop an ecommerce website noticeable and popular among all the active websites, then you need to be more creative and dedicated to your work, by following the web development trends.

There are a number of things to be considered to stay relevant and competitive. Here is a list of top technology trends to influence web development.

  • AI or Bots

In the list of top technology trends for web development, Chatbot development is now in trend as Chatbots based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) have gained incredible popularity in the last couple of years. Various businesses or startups are addressing their business needs by adopting this innovative feature to automate conversation with the human. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants (like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Amazon’s Alexa) are enhancing customer interaction. Thus, you can use this most popular feature on your website for better customer engagement.

  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP is on top of the web application development trends. Website page loading is very important to decide whether to leave or stay on a website. In the era of fast internet, people don’t have much time to wait for a page to load. And, to accomplish them Google has introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to provide a better browsing experience on smartphones. It’s designed to enhance the overall performance, website visibility or speed time in search results. Moreover, it makes loading or search speed 10 times quicker on mobile devices.

It’s the best feature that you can adapt to boost the visibility of your website in search results.

  • Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps are websites that feel and look like an app that means users can access the website in an app look even without downloading it.

Smart devices dominate the tech world, and around 68% of internet traffic comes from smartphones. Using progressive web apps, users can access or do all the things without any data connection.

Give an app-like feel to your audience by adopting this feature for your website. Almost every company is using this modern web capability to deliver an app-like experience to its users.

  • Blockchain

The current state of Blockchain is showing everything about the uses of it and it will continue with its position in the top 10 technologies of 2020. Slowly, but surely, it is making its position among the many industries. By 2020, maximum firms will adopt it for their website. Even Cryptocurrency which is an important tool of Blockchain will be prominent in 2020. It will get divided into a number of currencies and will float the market. Maximum people will do a daily transaction with their aid globally. Blockchain development or cryptocurrency development are among the top technology trends that will make their position in the upcoming years.

  • Single Page Application

Single Page Application is the most popular feature that you can consider to give unique web browsing experience to your customers.

Single Page Application means no page reloads, no extra wait time as you access a number of web pages of the website without loading them in the browser. Gmail, Facebook, Google Maps, and GitHub are a live example of it.

  • Push Notification

Push Notification is one of the most trending features to interact with customers. Using this feature, you would be able to send an app-like notification to your customers about new updates, special discounts, and customer-centric activities.

  • Motion UI

Nowadays Motion UI is quite in trend. Neat design with smooth animation makes a perfect combination to attract visitors or users. Users like to access the websites that are simple yet intuitive.

Motion UI includes smoothly animated screens, background animations, hovers, simple font style, and beautiful headers. You can stand your website out from the crowd with the help of motion UI.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is a vast network of interconnected things that exchanges data with the internet and other things. These things include homes, vehicles, sensors, humans and so on. Since, the last few years, IoT always had a spot in the list of future technological trends, and list for 2020 is no different. Currently, the smart home is the best example of IoT technology, but more projects for the same are in the pipeline. By 2020, billions of things will be connected to the internet making them smarter. A prediction done by IHS states that by 2020, the number of the internet of things device will reach 75 billion.

  • Cybersecurity

Cyber Security, it’s a practice or process of protecting systems, networks, large data, and programs from attacks, damaged, unauthorized access intruders. These cyber attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information, extorting money from users or interrupting normal business processes. You can apply security features on your website to keep information or data safe.

Summing up

Top web development trends and technologies that we have discussed above are the future of web development.

Building a website is easy, but many online business owners ignore the use of these technologies due to the limited development budget. If you are dedicated to your website or online business, then you should consider all the above technology trends to make your place in the fast-growing competitive market. For this, you can hire a web developer or can outsource your project to a renowned web development company.

Let’s build your website following all these features with no extra cost. We are one of the best web application development companies who are well-familiar with all web development technologies.

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