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Top Reason To Choose Node.js Web Application Development

Nodejs Development Services

The adoption of Nodejs development services by various organizations, including NASA, PayPal, Netflix, GoDaddy, etc., is evident of the fact that Node.js features a long list of perks for enterprise application development. Its major perks like reduced time-to-market, dynamic Node.js web applications, high agility, support for the development of highly functional mobile apps and APIs, etc. have helped Node.js development become popular in the field of business app development. With this, JavaScript being a popular programming language, you can hire Node.js developers easily at reasonable prices.

Nodejs Web Services

So, here we bring you the top reasons to go for Node.js development for your business apps-

1)    Modular Design of Node.js

In contrast to the monolithic application development with Java, Node.js features a modular design that assures agile application development.

As according to a practical experiment by Jeff Harrell, Director of Engineering and Chief Architect at PayPal, he employed a team of 20 Java developers in competition with a team of two Node.js developers for the same project. The Node.js developers were able to complete the project in 2 months as compared to the 8 months taken by the team of Java developers. With this, the app built on Node.js required 33 percent fewer code lines as compared to Java platform, the response time for Node.js built app was 35% less than Java based app.

This experiment proved the superiority of the modular design of Node.js framework in comparison to the Java platform, thus hinting the popularity of Node.js development services.

2)    Browser and Server-side Development

Node.js web application development shows high support for highly complex and feature-rich business apps owing to its flexibility of using the same code on browser and server side. This promotes easy logic application and agile web or node.js mobile app development for businesses.

3)    Largest Package Ecosystem Ever

The package registry for Node.js code, npm is added with up to 300 new packages daily and presently has 300, 000 packages approximately, making it the largest package ecosystem. Thus enabling prompt support for Node.js development companies.

4)    Enhanced Collaboration

Node.js development services are praised for their enhanced collaboration in the development process. The tendency of developing monolithic systems through Java, makes it hard to share discrete functionality and code, as it is in the form of large libraries. While, Node.js features individual components with discrete functionalities that can be easily shared across the team to employ collaborative web or app development.

5)    Shorter Time to Market

A capable Node.js development company assures you a shorter time to market as compared to Java development company owing to the modular structure, few lines of codes, agile development, and collaborative development approach of Node.js framework. Praised organizations like Yahoo, Netflix and PayPal, prefer Node.js development services for its shorter time to market.

6)    High Performance Capabilities of Node.js Web Applications

Among the various perks, one of the main perks of Node.js development framework is its higher performance capabilities as compared to Java and .Net. As seen in the above experiment by PayPal, the company was successful in cutting the response time of its application by 35% owing to Node.js mobile app development solution,  as compared to its Java-based application. So you can confidently hire Node.js developer for your high-performance application development goals.

Node.js framework has surely surpassed the various perks of Java and .Net platforms in the field of business app development. With this, if you desire to empower your business with a dynamic Node.js web application, our peerless yet affordable Node.js development services can help you.

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