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Top Java Web Development Frameworks of 2019

Top Java Web Development Frameworks of 2019

Large enterprises, and banking or financial companies are using this framework to keep their records or database secure.

Moreover, this platform has always been in the top position, so in the future, there is no possibility of replacing Java with any other programming languages. The same thing applied to other Java development frameworks. Spring, JSF, and GWT are the top three most popular frameworks that Java developers are using to build web applications. Apart from that, there are several Java Web Frameworks available for Java Web Developers to use in building and designing Java web applications. But the question arises in the mind that, Which framework is best for web development in Java?

Here you will meet all the answers that are running in your mind.

Java every year comes with new and promising updates that help Java programmers to build enterprise level web applications. It is equally useful in developing other projects or apps, including windows, web, and much more.

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If you are an enterprise and new startup and want to build a reliable and secure web application that is based on a strong framework or you are not aware of what is in running in the market or already have read dozens of articles or blogs about the best web development frameworks.

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That is why we’ve made this list for you. These are the top Java Web Development Frameworks of 2019, that will not only give you the ultimate support but will provide whatever you need to do regarding Java web development.

Let’s discuss the top frameworks of Java that are the choice of Java experts.

  1. Spring MVC (Model View Controller)

Spring MVC, it’s the most popular and best web development framework 2019 which is used to create complex, secure and high-performance web applications. This framework is designed around a DispatcherServlet that receives the incoming request and maps it to the right resource such as models, controllers, and views. Spring MVC is famous among Java programmers for its well-developed ecosystem and useful toolkit. It has numerous add-ons, such as SOAP services, REST APIs, and security authentication.

Advantages of Spring Model View Controller

  • Rapid Development
  • Easy to Test
  • Powerful Configuration
  • Flexible Mapping
  • Light-weight
  • Reusable Business Code

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  1. JSF – JavaServer Faces

JSF- JavaServer Faces, developed by Oracle, is a part of the Java EE platform. This framework is used for building server-side User Interface Components and using them in a web application. With a set of APIs, developers can easily manage UI components and a custom tag library for expressing a JSF interface. Being an ideal component-oriented UI framework, it allows programmers to build apps without adding or referring to any extra libraries to the project. Using JavaServer Faces, Java developers can build React Native applications, Web applications, and Enterprise applications.

Advantages of JSF – JavaServer Faces

  • It allows for creating reusable components.
  • It provides ready to use components from Apache, Richfaces, Infragistics, Oracle, etc.
  • It has very good support for EL expression.
  • Making easy data transfer between UI components.
  • Managing UI state across multiple server requests.
  1. Struts

It’s an open-source Web application framework maintained by Apache Software Foundation. This framework is used for creating Java Enterprise Edition Web applications quickly and efficiently. This framework is equipped with JAR packages that can be added in the classpath of the app. It also follows the MVC software design pattern and has a plugin-based architecture. With Struts, the developers can have good control over handling architecture along with modular development and integration.

Advantages of Struts:

  • Free And Open-Source
  • Fast Development
  • Vast Community
  • Easy To Test New Code
  • Centralized configuration
  1. Hibernate

When talk comes about Java, the Hibernate can’t be ignored. Another most popular ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework of Java that widely deals with database access. In simple words, it makes better communication between the Java-based web application and relational database management systems. This framework is available for free under the GNU lesser general public license 2.1.

Advantages of Hibernate

  • Strong and Secure
  • Easy To Convert Data For Multiple Databases
  • HQL contains database-independent commands
  • It supports collections like List, Set, Map

  1. GWT – Google Web Toolkit

Using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) developers can develop and maintain complex JavaScript front-end applications with ease. This open-source framework enables programmers to write client-side code and execute it as JavaScript. Moreover, AdSense, Google Wallet, AdWords, and Blogger are made by using Google Web Toolkit (GWT).

Advantages of Google Web Toolkit

  • HTML Canvas support provided
  • Google APIs can be used in GWT applications
  • Support for full-featured Java debugging
  1. Vaadin

It is one of the best Java UI frameworks 2019 which makes web application development easier and simple. Code is written in Java and can be executed on the server’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). User Interface in Vaadin rendered as HTML5 in the web browser. Furthermore, this framework also automates all the communication between the server and the browser.

Advantages of Vaadin

  • Automate communication between server and browser.
  • Allows you to create feature-rich and interactive web user interfaces.
  • Light-weight Framework
  • Use Java or HTML for building views
  • Data binding
  • Supports JVM languages like Kotlin and Scala
  1. Play

It’s the best Java Web Development framework which is used to build web applications. The lightweight, stateless and web-friendly architecture makes it easy to develop web applications with Java & Scala.

Advantages of Play

  • Modern Framework For Web and Mobile App Development
  • Secure and Rapid Development
  • Massive Ecosystem
  • Developer Friendly

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  1. Grails

It’s a most popular Java web framework 2019 and Groovy-based framework which is used for building Web Applications. This framework is built on top of Spring Boot, leveraging Spring Boot’s time-saving features, such as Spring-powered dependency injection This framework is featured with a set of tools, as Compile-time meta-programming, asynchronous programming along and domain-specific languages that can be used to build feature-rich web applications.

Advantages of Grails

  • Easy to configure
  • Has a set of Plugins
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Easy to use
  • Works for any size of the project
  1. Wicket

It’s a lightweight Java server-side framework that simplifies web interface development. This is the best platform of Java, which helps Java programmers to build a web application using only Java code and XHTML compliant HTML pages. There is no need for JavaScript and XML configuration files. It is very easy in Wicket to test the applications that you have developed.

Advantages of Wicket

  • It supports HTML and Java.
  • Maintaining code in this platform is easy.
  • Easy application testing.
  • Makes elegant and simple pages and applications
  • Lots of support and documentation
  1. Stripes

Stripes is an open source and lightweight Java web application framework. It’s an advanced framework of Java which is used to develop feature-rich and interactive web applications using the latest Java technologies. It provides both Controller and View of MVC architecture and lets developers make Servlet/JSP based web applications.

Advantages of Stripes:

  • Easy to run applications
  • Easy to configure
  • Make a feature-rich and secure application
  • Excellent Documentation


All the frameworks of Java that recently we have talked about are reliable, secure and advanced that you can choose according to your requirements or project type. For your project, you should hire expert Java developers or outsource your project to a prominent Java development company.

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