Top 10 Flutter Benefits For Application Development




Top 10 Flutter Benefits For Application Development

Feb 03, 2023 Mobile App

Mobile app development has become mainstream for businesses of all sizes. The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses 3.5 billion, making it considerably more essential for businesses to head towards mobile app development in order to create a channel of communication for the customers.

The mobile application development services are competitively increasing at fast-pace. Developers’ community on another side looking for new technologies, frameworks, tools, and libraries in order to meet agile business requirements.

Looking at the latest market trend, several tech-giants or companies are adopting modern-generation technologies to simplify mobile app development. But for various businesses or tech companies, choosing a mobile app development platform has always been a difficult task when you have a list of the number of available platforms.

benefits of flutter in mobile application

Flutter by Google is such a promising framework that aims to ease cross-platform app development. Though, native application development has always been around for a long time.

What Is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile UI framework that was first introduced by Google back in 2017 in its I/O event. It was first announced for the developers at the Flutter Live event in 2018 and since then it is one of the sought-after toolkits for building app User Interfaces.

This cross-platform app development tool comes loaded with in-built widgets and tools, that provides developers an easy way to build and deploy visually attractive, fast mobile apps on both Android and iOS platforms.

A Software Development Kit: This mobile SDK comes featured with useful tools that help developers in building a mobile app with ease. These tools compile the code into native machine code (iOS and Android).

A Framework with UI Library: Wide set of UI libraries provided by Flutter is quite enough to add more feel and look in design. It provides developers a collection of reusable UI components such as buttons, icons, sliders, text inputs, etc., that helps in building the app with less time.

What is Dart-

Dart is a client-optimized programming language that is used to build mobile apps for multiple platforms. It is developed by Google, which is widely being used for building mobile, desktop, server, and web applications. Dart is an object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected language with C-style syntax. Dart can compile to either native code or JavaScript.

Advantages of Flutter SDK

The following are some of the most noteworthy advantages of the Flutter Software Development Kit.

  • It is free and an open-source SDK.
  • It comes featured with dynamic material icons and incredible animation or effects that make the app look beautiful.
  • It uses the same programming language for both front-end and back-end.
  • Dart enables Flutter to update the display at a speed of 60 to 120 FPS (Frames Per Second).
  • Its single codebase feature helps developers build apps that will work with iOS and Android both.
  • It simplifies the development process, thereby reducing the Time To Market.
  • It is highly scalable and extremely flexible, thanks to the astounding features of DART!
  • It is a good-to-go option to build an MVP (Maximum Viable Product). Thus, it is a startup-friendly SDK.

Top 10 Flutter Benefits For Application Development

1. Dart Language

Dart, it is a simple and effective language targeted at Java programmers. It is easy to learn and makes development faster and easier. Dart allows Flutter to avoid the need for a separate declarative layout language like JSX or XML, or separate visual interface builders because Dart’s declarative, programmatic layout is easy to read and visualize. And with all the layout in one language and in one place, it is easy for Flutter to provide advanced tooling that makes the layout a snap.

Mobile app developers have found that Dart is particularly easy to learn because it has features that are familiar to users of both static and dynamic languages.

2. Single Codebase

Flutter has a single codebase that helps you build your apps quickly for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. Applications build using Flutter’s single codebase capability feel and look like a native application, which means you don’t have to write multiple codes for iOS and Android app.

3. Fast Development

Flutter is free and an open-source with a cross-platform capability platform which is used to build cross-platform application faster. It has free-widgets and libraries that will help you out build apps faster. Creating an application in Flutter is easy and fast compared to native application development like iOS and Android. With Flutter, you have to write only one codebase and it will work for both iOS and Android. It has a hot reload feature helps the developer to debug code faster.

4. Hot Reload

This is one of the best features that make Flutter a better choice for mobile app developers. The hot-reload feature helps you debug the application code faster compare to native app development. You can keep testing your application or code faster and debug them to build dynamic mobile applications.

5. Expressive UIs

We can construct an expressive UIs with Flutter worked on a delightful material plan and Cupertino (iOS-season) gadgets, rich movement APIs, smooth normal-looking over, and stage mindfulness. Its in-built components help you with fasting improvement with a completely adaptable gadget that we can re-use in our code, on the off chance that we do require any further customization in the future.

6. Ready-made and Custom Widgets

Well, Flutter has a variety of ready-made and custom widgets that you can use and save time in mobile app development. Thanks to Google for providing ready-made widgets. Most of them are incredibly customizable, saving your time like no other framework before. In addition to numerous core layout widgets, Flutter provides a large set of Material and Cupertino widgets that perfectly mimic the behavior of each design language.

7. Easy Learning Curve and Growing Community

Given that becoming accustomed to Dart is definitely not an enormous issue to you, learning the tool itself ought to be simple. The Flutter group takes note of that they’ve seen individuals with constrained programming information prototyping and building applications, and furthermore makes reference to that no versatile advancement experience is required to begin with Flutter.

In addition, Google is known for making definite and very much organized documentation, something that React Native battles with. Aside from exemplary docs, you can watch video exercises from the Google group. Furthermore, these are only the assets given formally. You can discover seminars on Udemy and Udacity, join the Facebook people group, and even an examination bunch on Slack.

8. App Maintenance

If you do not maintain your app regularly then you will lose your business. In native application, for app maintenance, you will require a huge cost to fix the bugs and increase the performance of the application. But in Flutter, you can maintain the performance of the application by making run-time changes.

9. Build a Versatile Cross-platform App

Flutter has an assortment of built-in widgets that are used to build an application. This exclusive range of widgets can be customized for building UI blocks. Flutter gadgets have the mindfulness to visual subtleties and that is the reason it is utilized by a number of the significant brands for application advancement.

Additionally, Flutter is utilized for building applications in different areas. Training, amusement, utility, eCommerce, social, healthcare, and wellness are a portion of the areas wherein Flutter has been trusted for great UI. Look at this rundown of some astonishing applications fabricated utilizing Flutter.

10. Simple Logic Implementation

Other than the UI, various utility applications depend on cutting edge OS-level highlights, for example, getting GPS information, Bluetooth correspondence, gathering sensors information, authorization taking care of, working with accreditations, and so on. A large number of these are accessible when building up a Flutter application through ready-to-use plugins bolstered by Google.


Well, Flutter is the most promising mobile SDK which is used to build appealing User Interfaces of the mobile application. It is a modern technology for modern mobile application development. If you are planning to build a cross-platform application for business, then Flutter is the best option for you. You can also hire a mobile app developer or mobile app development company India to build beautiful and feature-rich applications.

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