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Top 8 Tools Every Mobile Apps Designer Should Know How to Use

Top 8 Tools Every Mobile Apps Designer Should Know How to Use

Every developer wishes to have the right app designing tool to craft appealing and eye-catching User Interface (UI) for mobile applications. And to make it possible, they search for various free/paid tools and fail to meet the right tool. 

It is said that app design plays a crucial role in the user’s decision-making process. At present, there are a plethora of mobile app designing tools available in the market which the developers use to design apps UI. But finding the best one is really not an easy task for everyone.

Best Tools For Mobile Apps Designers

Here in this article, we are heading to the top 8 tools that every mobile apps designer should know how to use- 

Here is the list of Top Mobile App Designing Tools with key features-

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most promising mobile app designing tools that has been the first choice of UI/UX designers for many years. This designing tool has a variety of components that helps designers to build high-quality and eye-catching app design. This software has a middle learning curve that one can download it for a seven-day trial and further can purchase if it meets your expectations. 

If you are a mobile app designer and looking for the best design tool, then it can be the right choice for you.

2. Sketch

The sketch is another widely used and lightweight MacBook based UI/UX design tool that the designers use to craft a highly interactive user interface for mobile applications. This tool is quite similar to Photoshop but it is built mainly for app prototyping. This tool has the highest share in the prototyping and wireframe space. You can use this tool for a 30-day trial and then after you have to pay $99 for a year for the premium account. Learning the basic features of this tool is very easy.

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3. MockPlus

Create prototype easily with no code or technical expertise using MockPlus. This tool is used for creating a prototype for mobile apps, desktop apps, and websites. The drag and drop feature of this tool helps designers to build interactive prototypes effortlessly. Using 200 components and 3000 UI icons, the mobile app designers can make prototypes for different platforms including iOS, Android and web-based programs.

4. UXPin

UXPin is also the best app designing tool that is built to create UX of mobile applications. There is no need to have technical knowledge or skills as its drag and drop features are quite impressive and easy to build high-end fidelity prototypes and wireframes. This tool is compatible with Sketch and Photoshop. Since it has various built-in components that you can choose while designing UI/wireframes/prototypes for web, mobile, and desktop products.

5. Slicy

Slicy is the best prototyping tool among the top 10 UI or Prototype designing tools. With Slicy, the individuals can easily export assets from Photoshop PSD to JPG, GIF PNG and other image formats. It has a wide set of features that adds a huge benefit for designers in iOS workflow. Making design and UI in Slicy is very easy- just drag & drop your Photoshop file on the Slicy window after you have launched the application, and your files are automatically exported.

6. Zeplin

Zeplin is also one of the most favourite tools of designers for building modern User Interface. This tool costs from $17 to $129 per month. The free trial is available for one project and is compatible with iOS and Microsoft windows. You can also install Zeplin plugins for Photoshop and Sketch.

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7. FramerJS

FramerJS is a flexible and interactive mobile app design tool. However, you should have coding knowledge to use this tool. It also has a visual editing tool that automatically generates the code at the backend which can be edited if you like to meddle with the code.

8. PlaceIt

PlaceIt is the most popular tool among the designers which makes UI development easier and faster with its interesting drag-and-drop feature. If you want to develop a realistic and innovative app design enticingly and elegantly, PlaceIt is the best tool for all your designing needs.  


In today’s time, mobile app designing and development are extremely popular among mobile app development companies, mobile app developers and startups or small/large businesses. There are endless opportunities for them. No matter what tool you choose but there you will get advantages and disadvantages to every tool.

We will suggest you choose the tool that fits your budget, project requirements and your professional skills and needs.

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