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Top 6 Trending PHP Frameworks For Creating Agile Web Solutions For your Business

PHP web development services

The Internet today with its infinite number of capabilities is the new world of business. From every entrepreneur to the largest of business giants wishes to have a recognised existence on the Internet in the form of a fully functional website on the world wide web that could potentially and effectively boost the brand value of their particular business. So for a fully functional and effective website you need to find the appropriate PHP web development company that could help you with the technology solutions.

PHP web development services

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that has come up as the most suitable and effective language for customised website building solutions. With this, here we bring the top trending PHP Frameworks that a capable PHP developer would use for incredible PHP Web development

1)    Laravel Framework :

One of the most trending and powerful PHP frameworks is Laravel. Preferred by many web developers this framework is employed to build large business web solutions that are customised according to the business needs. The framework displays support for powerful controllers, slim restful routes, simple JSON APIs, etc.

2)    Zend Framework :

Displaying the modern website development approach the Zend Framework is employed by PHP web development services to developing astounding web solutions for corporate businesses.

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3)    CodeIgniter Framework :

CodeIgniter is another popular PHP framework that shows support for small footprints, employed by PHP developers to construct small and fully-functional websites that are loaded with customised features.

4)    Symfony Framework:

Another popular and commonly used PHP framework is Symfony that shows high suitability for all types of web projects. In case, you require faster website solutions you can hire PHP developer with a good knowledge of Symfony framework that is generally employed for high-speed creation and maintenance of website applications.

5)     Yii Framework:

Another high-speed website solution is through employing the Yii framework. Many PHP web development companies use Yii framework owing to its salient features like Caching, MVC, DAO/Active Recording, functional testing, authentication and customizable access.

6)    Webasyst Framework:

Another well-recognised PHP framework is Webasyst. This open-source framework is preferred by most PHP web development services over Symfony and Zend for building slim multi-user websites with a complex development base. The framework displays compatibility for explicit customization and has a higher development efficiency.

All the frameworks listed above are among the latest in trends for PHP web development. With this, to Hire a PHP developer or to get optimised web development services, contact at – [email protected]

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