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Top 5 Ways In Which Web Design Impacts Customer Experience

Top 5 Ways In Which Web Design Impacts Customer Experience_373445929

As proven in many studies, we humans are visual beings. This motto is better used in the marketing field than any other field. As customers are interested only when something catches their eyes and is also convenient to use. Hence, when you have a website for your business, web design is one of the most important factors that can help your website get more visitors. Whether you have an online store or just an informative blog, we are always attracted to what appeals to our eyes. People also don’t like a very complicated design, they like what they can understand. Hence, a simple and attractive design with easy navigation is most likely to attract more visitors. The more people visit your website, the more they are likely to invest in your products and services.

Here are 5 ways in which a web design impacts customer experience and areas where you can make improvements to your website to make it look like an amazing professional web design.

1. The appearance of your website

When you open a website, you like or dislike it at the first sight of it. There is no option of the last impression in the website business. As people will not stay even a few minutes on your website if they don’t like the look of it. A good and simple website design automatically eases navigation and attracts customers. A good website does not need to have a lot of components or features. A neat and simple design with easy controls is enough to navigate and attract more customers.

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The main factors that enhance the look of your website are:

It should be responsive: In today’s world where we do not rely on desktops to access the internet, a responsive website is a must to have. Such that your website automatically adapts any screen size on any device. A responsive website design is a must these days, as most of the people search and access the internet through their smart devices these days.

Font and typography: Sometimes designers opt for a very artistic font to make their website look good. But these artistic fonts are not very easy to read or the viewer literally has to strain their eyes to read the text. You must ensure that your website has easy to read fonts. You must also see that the important information must be in bold font. This is how you can make your website look good and can engage the audience on your website.

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Customer Experience with Web Design

Attractive images: It is no secret that the viewers are more attracted to visual graphics than text. Hence, using attractive images and graphics grab the viewer’s interest. A full-length image taking up the whole screen looks quite attractive and engage the audience.

Interactive multimedia: Videos and GIFs are a much more effective way to communicate your message than text or pictures. Using the right multimedia in the right place can enhance your website in many ways. Although you must also remember that the use of multimedia also makes your website heavy. Videos and GIFs might also increase the loading time of your website.

2. Professionalism

Enhancing the look of your website doesn’t mean that you make it look all artistic and it doesn’t look related to your business. There are plenty of websites on the internet today and not every website is trustworthy. Hence, it is very important that your website looks professional and trustworthy. You should make sure that the visitors feel good about dealing with a reputed company like yours. It is not very difficult to set a professional tone; you need to add just a few simple elements to your website.

Your Company’s Culture: You must add a page or section those talks about the culture of your company. You must mention some unique values and traditions that your company works on. You can also put pictures of events and festivals you celebrate in your company.

Company and Staff pictures: People are interested in the real picture these days! Hence, you must put your company’s and staff pictures in the gallery section of your website. This helps to gain the trust of your visitors and let them know about your thriving business.

Results or Customer Feedback: If someone is buying a product or availing services from your website! All they want is results or want to know what kind of product will they get. Hence, you must exhibit the results of projects you have successfully completed. Also, putting testimonial section is a must on your website.

3. Keep it simple

People do not have time to spend understanding your complex techniques. You need to keep your website simple so that everyone can understand it easily. You must try and make navigation on your website very simple and easy. You can use various elements to make navigation easy for your customers. You can have drop-down menus and hover messages suggesting and guiding the viewer. A few elements that you must have on your website are as follows.

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Keep the track: You must keep the track of which pages your customers are viewing with the help of cookies. As it is very important that the customer could go back to the product they had viewed a while back. As the customer is most likely to buy a product he/ she is visiting again. Marketers also use this technique in marketing these days. They keep a track of product or page visited by the customer and keep on advertising those products for you. As people are most likely to buy products they have viewed recently.

Drop-down menu and suggestions: Putting suggestions and options everywhere make it easy for the viewer to navigate and fill up form or any other information required. Easier access you provide to your services, the more visitors you will get.

4. Loading time

People like it quick and easy. Remember, people do not tend to stay longer if your site takes too long to load. Even Google takes load time into consideration while ranking your website. A light and easy to load a website is ranked higher in search results. There are a few ways in which you can optimize your website effectively without compromising on the quality of your website.

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Image optimization: You must know that pictures and multimedia files take longer to download. Hence, you can save a lot of downloading time only if you optimize images on your website. But don’t compromise on the picture quality by using some lighter format, instead, you can use smaller images with a little fewer graphics.

Don’t put multimedia on autoplay: Keeping information in the form of videos and GIFs is good to make your website interactive. But you must not keep these multimedia files on autoplay. Because if your website will take a lot of time to load in the first time, it will not leave a good impression on viewers. Let your basic website load quickly and impress your visitors. Then let the visitors view multimedia according to their will.

5. Conversion

This is the main aim of bringing your business online, to sell your product or services. This is called conversion when people actually buy your product or service from your website. You can follow these few tips to increase your conversions on your website. You can keep a track through Google analytics and other analytics tools.

Theme and Colors: Use attractive theme and colors for your website highlighting the call for action buttons. This makes navigation easier and convenient for customers. You must see that the theme you select must also be responsive. Otherwise, there is no point in making a website for your business.

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Simple and attractive: Don’t clutter your website with a lot of elements. It doesn’t look very good and also confuses the audience. Keep the backgrounds clear and highlight the action buttons only. This will keep your customer focused on the action of buying your product only. This will also increase conversions on your website considerably.

Human interaction: Look for the places where you can create human interaction on your website. Like putting actual pictures of your office or staff, a quick contact link or assistant. People still do not trust computers completely. Customers appreciate and trust human assistance more.


Even if you use the best professional web design on your own these tips and simple changes will help you make your website more impactful. You must keep all the points stated above in mind while designing your website. We understand that keeping up with each and every point is not possible. Hence, you must see which factor is the most suitable and important for your website and work on that only. These amendments or changes are also not very costly to acquire, all you need is to be a bit more aware. Having said all this, I would say that sometimes all the conventional ways fail. Sometimes something very unconventional and edgy might work wonders for you. Hence, you must not restrain yourself to these guidelines. You must keep experimenting with fresh designs and ideas for your website and see what is working and what is not. Keep a track through Google analytics and other support tools to see what is working for your website.

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