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Top 5 NFC Payment Apps For Seamless Transactions

Needless to say, technology has made huge changes in our lives and paved a path for a better life. With technological advancements, various companies, enterprises, or startups are increasingly coming to the forefront with their NFC mobile applications to make online/offline payment and money transfer easier. Also, various mobile app development companies in India are providing NFC mobile app development services to help you with quality solutions. NFC and Bluetooth both work on the same principle, but have different types data transmission.

Near Field Communication or NFC mobile payment apps are creating too much buzz around the world. As it has completely changed the way of payment and money transfer. There was a time when we used to walk to the bank, stand in the queue and face multiple dull tasks. Today, all it can be done in just a few clicks or a couple of swipes on a smartphone.

The age of technology, the digital wallet has gained huge popularity among users and retailers. Instead of carrying debit card/credit cards of different banks to pay for a meal or a shopping excursion, just simply tap device to the retail store and pay to get some amazing cashback or reward point too.

This innovative payment mechanism has received a huge response from the people of Asian and European countries. And now, it is expanding its wings in the North America region.

NFC payment encryption transforms your smartphones into a protected and advantageous method for payment. It has changed the manner in which users received data, make installments, and share data across smart devices.

NFC mobile payment apps

What is NFC Mobile Payment?

Near Field Communication or NFC wallet app, popularly known as wireless payment, is the best technology ever. As the name implies, It’s a simple method of data transfer or communication between two devices that are placed in less than 5 cm proximity. Now, the same technology is being used in the smartphones, meaning you can use contactless payment services from Google Pay, Apple Pay or Amazon Pay to a mobile-based digital wallet. And this technology has already been used in Europe, Asia for a decade and now gaining increasing popularity in North America.

How Does It Work?

Unlike Bluetooth or WiFi, the NFC payment app does not require any pairing between two devices to transfer data. With NFC, two NFC enabled devices within range to connect automatically over radio waves. For example, during the payment at the retail store, placing your NFC enabled device within 4 inches of a contactless reader in a store will prompt your digital wallet or saved debit card/credit card information to pop up and ask you to confirm payment.

According to statista In 2018, the number of NFC mobile payment users is projected to 166 million. And In 2020, the proximity mobile payment transaction value in the USA is estimated to surpass 314 billion U.S. dollars, up from close to 28 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Many retailers in North America already accept a variety of digital payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal or MasterCard PayPass.

Here is a list of the top five best contactless NFC payment apps:

Apple Pay

Apple Pay, it’s widely used digital wallet app for iPhone, iPad and the Apple Watch. The app is available for use on iPhone 6 and later versions (iPhone SE included), Apple Watch, and iPad (iPad mini 3 or iPad Air 2 and later). The app runs on iPhone, iPad, and iWatch makes virtual account numbers rather than saving your real debit and credit information. Using this use can pay anywhere at retail outlets and other payment counters or through in-app purchase. It utilizes the same principle of the particular contactless technology, which works for short distances.

Apple Pay

How to use NFC payment app? If you have owned a Mac Book, iPhone 6 or later, Apple Watch, and iPad (iPad mini 3 or iPad Air 2 and later) then you already have Apple Pay. It’s baked into iOS as a part of the Wallet app. To use Apple Pay, you also need to set up a Passcode, Touch ID, or FaceID (if you have iPhone X).

It’s very easy to add a credit card and debit card details. Open the “Passbook and Apple Pay” settings from the settings app on your iOS device and take a picture of the front of the card and enter the required information manually with touch ID or Face ID.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay, designed specifically for Samsung Galaxy smartphones, is the popular and best contactless NFC payment app that lets users pay for products at outlet stores by simply waving the Samsung device near any payment machine. The method of paying using device has replaced the plastic cards in your wallet. Samsung Pay is widely used across the world due to the reward point offering by Samsung. On every successful transaction using Samsung Pay, you will get reward points that further you can use to redeem from the redemption catalog.

Android Pay

android pay app

Android Pay, it was first announced by Google at its 2015 I/O developer conference, and it officially launched a few months later on Sept. 11, 2015 in the U.S. Android Pay, designed especially for Android Smartphone and Android Smartwatch users, is a mobile application that provides a way to tap to pay anywhere at retail stores. It also features in-app wallet, enabling users to pay with Android phones. It is the successor of the Google Wallet, which is used to make payment seamlessly at retail stores and malls. You can save your credit and debit card information on the Android Pay Account.



PayPal is an NFC mobile app developed by PayPal. It allows PayPal account holders to send and receive online international payments. It provides a simpler and safer way to pay money online by simply tapping two NFC enabled phones together. It uses encryption software to allow people to make financial transfers between devices. PayPal now has over 100 million active accounts in 190 markets worldwide.

Square Wallet

square wallet

Square is a mobile payment application announced in 2009 by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. It’s also an excellent application which runs over both iOS and Android platforms. It provides an easy way to make a fast and secure payment online with linked accounts or debit/credit cards. It works the same way as the lemon wallet.

Want to build an NFC payment app like Android Pay?

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