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Top 5 Frameworks For Dynamic PHP Web Application Development

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PHP web development framework has been around for many years now, modified and updated regularly to extend its list of capabilities and meet the diverse web application needs of various businesses from around the globe. Added to the resource library is its long list of web development frameworks, that are developed differently to meet specific website development service requirements from different businesses. Today, the much arduous task of developing dynamic web applications is made much simpler with the help of PHP development services.

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The user-friendly and highly customizable PHP development frameworks have helped the web developers regain their confidence over every practical app development requirements. So, let us discuss the Top 5 PHP Frameworks to use for dynamic and user-friendly application development:

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Codeigniter PHP Framework

Unquestionably, Codeigniter is the best PHP web development framework, best suited for developing high-quality, feature-rich applications. The high-performance framework is fully compatible with the standard hosting and further helps the PHP developers deliver rapid web development services owing to its shorter code as compared to other frameworks. Based on MVC developed an architecture and a defined logical structure the Codeigniter framework is easy and agile to employ. So before you hire PHP developer for your dynamic web application needs you can check his expertise over the Codeigniter framework.


If you wish to hire a PHP development company for your rapid and robust web development requirements, you just cannot ignore the CakePHP framework. The CakePHP framework is well-preferred for the robust nature of its web applications owing to its protection against SQL injection, XSS (cross-site scripting) and cross-site counterfeiting. Reliable input validation is another essential feature of CakePHP other than its well-defined logic structure. So if you wish to hire PHP developer for robust application development he should be able to employ the CakePHP framework for you.

Yii Framework

Praised for its efficiency, the Yii Framework sports a range of advanced development features like DAO/ActiveRecord, widgets, hierarchical RBAC, L10N and I18N. The framework further supports easy caching and faster loading of web applications. The Yii PHP web development framework is compatible with 3rd party codes and boasts interface localization. The long-range of inbuilt features of the Yii framework can be well-utilized for making feature-rich business websites with the help of a professional PHP development company.

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Zend Framework

Employed by some great businesses, including BBC and Cisco WebEx, Zend framework is best suited for modern and robust web development services. The framework is used by PHP developers for applications based on an object-oriented code. PHP Zend framework also supports instant online debugging and can be easily utilized for an agile app development process. So if you wish to make robust and distinguished corporate websites you can confidently go for Zend PHP development services.

Symfony Framework

Symfony PHP web development framework is a prudent choice for developing highly complex web applications with ease. Its user-friendly interface and robust solutions make Symfony lead among other PHP frameworks. With this, it is completely compatible with any database system and supports high customization. Inbuilt testing and debugging are other features that help the framework standout in the league. So, if you are ready with your complex and distinguished app idea, hire symphony developer who has hands-on expertise with the Symfony framework.

All the above PHP frameworks are individually capable of catering any of your dynamic application development requirements however, you can ask the PHP development company you hire to help you choose the best framework based on your specific preferences and requirements. Further, you can hire PHP developer or avail resolute web development services at Endive Software. Just write to us about your requirements at – [email protected].

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