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Top 15 Technologies To Build An Impressive Mobile App

Top 15 Technologies To Build An Impressive Mobile App_220423678

Designing an application requires a lot of understanding on both the creative and technical side and to ease this task the UI designing tools available today fit the purpose perfectly. Listed below are some of the commonly used technologies which are used to develop the UI for mobile apps:

Top 15 Technologies To Build An Impressive Mobile App


Sketch is a popular UI tool that is available for MacOS and is slowly replacing Photoshop. Although it has certain similar features like Photoshop, its usage in more inclined towards the use of UI/ UX designs. It is a powerful tool and comes with a large number of features that offer professional quality graphics and supports infinite zooming along with several vector shapes. It also comes with the option to export files from one source to destination in different formats.

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This tool can help in creating engaging prototypes that provide the interface similar to the mobile apps. It is also useful when you are testing a prototype design of several devices. Some of the best features of this application include synchronization with Dropbox, UI library that is available for the offline mode along with several adaptive UI libraries.


Mockplus is quite powerful when to compared to available prototyping tools and offers a cleaner look. As it does not use complex codes, it is easy to understand and lets you choose among the built-in tools that can be accessed with drag-and-drop options. The in-built library of this tool comes with at least three thousand UI icons along with 200 other components which are quite similar to iOS, Android, and computer programs. It has an easy to use menu which is present in drag-and-drop from which you can select the desired preview options to choose the right prototype.

POP App by Marvel

This app is highly useful and is compatible with the Android device. If you are initiating mobile prototype, then this application is simply the best in terms of transitioning the paperwork to the digital prototype. To use this tool, you just need to take the pictures of your sketches that can be uploaded to POP. Once done, you can then shift between different views and gestures. You can sync this tool with Dropbox which makes it easier for you to share your work with the wider audience.

UXPin Us

This tool has an easy-to-use interface and comes with features that can help you create interactive wireframes along with prototypes. You can even synchronize it with Sketch and Photoshop as it helps to keep the workflow steady and make the layers intact. This tool would also help you to initiate design decisions that can help in performing tasks and also help in counting users who might have visited the page and display the number of clicks on what you have posted. It is great for testing the efficiency of the page along with its design. It offers a toolkit that contains different design elements which can be used to create designs from the beginning. The UI library offers several built-in features which can even include several bootstrap elements.


This is a web app which is compatible with Sketch and combines the features of the selected elements on a specification sheet which explains the coordination between the developer and design team. You can even use this app to interact with the team of designers and developers and discuss the scope of the project.


This is a wireframing with no coding policy and is used for websites and mobile applications. It has several documentation tools which are required to determine the document layout and pick the design choices. There are two editions available for it including the Pro edition that offers more documentation tools. This tool works fast and generates responsive website and applications for mobile.


It is a prototyping tool that can help you with building mobile applications which require a specific user interface. It comes with several interactive features and supports the collaboration of the designers over a single project. There is no time restriction for working on a project and you can access it from anywhere around the globe.


This app can convert the sketches into digital prototypes and along with that, you can even get feedback from others. This app works well with files that have.psd extension so it would be better if you convert the designs before you upload them. It gets updated automatically and can provide a successful testing for your prototype.


It helps in Photoshop slicing and can help in exporting .psd files for the access on your app or website. You can even rename and export the layer groups individually– a feature which allows you to hide the design elements whenever required.

Fluid UI

This is a tool that helps in building a prototype according to the client’s requirements and offers the features that are expected from a UI tool. You can even collaborate with other designers and work together towards the prototype with the entire team all at once.

Mocking Bot

This prototyping tool lets you collaborate for work with anyone whom you wish to contact. It does not matter whether you are using a PC or mobile device, you can collaborate with different teams and improve the communication within the team.


This tool offers a fast access and offers an interactive interface to develop the wireframes and mock-ups and to test them simultaneously. You can even invite different people to try out the design that you have created to run on their device after which you can take their feedback.


This is a design tool used interfaces for in which makes it easy for the teams to develop to work on the betterment of the application that they are creating. It gets updated automatically so that you can work on the latest versions of the same.


This is counted among the best tools that can be used for designing the UI of your mobile app. It comes with features such as a UX solution and includes UI specification systems, design flow, and sitemaps which can be used to create better interfaces in a single application.

As wireframing is one of the crucial stages when you are creating an application, it is necessary to choose a tool that would help in building a reliable application that has an appealing look. You can pick up any of the UI tools mentioned above to initiate app development as they are the best options available in the market today.

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