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Things You Didn’t Know About Software Application Development Company

Software Application Development Company

There are numerous software development companies in the world. The number is in millions. In case you are wondering, what is common among them then you aren’t alone. There are many unsaid things about these companies. There is a definite culture in such companies and latest trends that are emerging. Here we will discuss top 5 things you most likely don’t know about software application development companies.

Software Application Development Company

1. Modular architecture

Software architectures are no longer monolithic. Microservices are the future. It breaks the architecture into smaller and independent applications. They can be regularly upgraded, switched out and even optimized. Software application development companies are becoming modular nowadays. They try to boost one system while the other under-perform. This helps in maintaining overall performance. However, microservices may not be the correct answer in every case. The monolithic approach may remain for some time. But microservices are making their way in. This is a major aspect people don’t know about such companies. Companies involved in mobile app development are the ones adopting this architecture, the most.

2. Delivery and Deployment Redefined

DevOps (Development & Operations) goes fa beyond the new form of architecture. Software application development companies are evolving. The delivery and deployment mechanism is changing. DevOps is more about people who develop software, from system administrators to developers. New tools have emerged to release, monitor and optimize these software apps. Development and operations are mingling together. The line between them is obfuscating. Or example, an iPhone app development company will need to utilize these new tools. They make sure that iPhone app is delivered to the client. Delivery along with deployment of a software application is also undergoing changes. This is major aspect people don’t yet know about software application development.

3. Company evolves with Software Development

Software application development companies have to do more than people know. They have to understand the requirements of customers. They need to generate revenues through app sales. They have to create the face of the company. They have to safeguard the identities safe. They have to make sure that hardware performs every single time. Creating right software is a painstaking task. It requires to create a product that solves problems and facilitates a service. It is important to understand the design, development, and deployment of the software. These aspects people generally don’t know about. The software app development company is more about writing codes.

4.  Open source projects need to be supported.

Open source has become ubiquitous. Now, most of the software languages and frameworks are open source. But more needs to be done to make open source projects to be continued in the long haul. There is need of nourishment of open source community. It is important for developers and enterprises to contribute to its development. They need to collaborate on these projects. They have responded to changes in various technologies. These technologies will impact the open source software development and maintenance. There is growing requirement of industry support for the emergence of open source projects.

5. The balance between Innovation and Existing Methodologies

There is a definite requirement for companies to keep coming up with innovation. It is imperative of them to sustain the current competitive market. But this competition also makes them stick to tried and tested products. Existing methodologies are hard to make room for innovation as risk is great. If you are an iPhone app development company, then you have to think beyond traditional means. To emerge in App Store, you need to come up with innovative apps. Hire an iPhone app developer who brings innovation to your company. New techniques, frameworks, and languages are emerging. It is important to keep up with the trend. The companies have to adjust to this change. It is no longer feasible to stick to older ones. If you are budding software application development company, then you need to look beyond established practices.


Software app development is undergoing a massive shift. The recent trends are making companies to adjust to new reality. They have to change their architecture to evolve their structure. Delivery and deployment of software is changing.

Client expectations are changing with time. Development and Operations now require new tools. These tools are necessary for release of software app along with monitoring and optimization. Companies have to understand the current customer’s requirements. They need to create their brands and identities. They have to safeguard them as well. Open source projects need to be nurtured.

Almost all languages, frameworks, etc. are going open source. It is up to individuals and enterprises to support open source development. Companies need to make a fine balance between innovation and existing practices. The risk involved with innovation is worth taking to sustain in this competitive market. But traditional methodologies can’t be ignored at the same time.

The software app development companies have to evolve with these new trends. It is important to understand and include these aspects in the company. Failure to do so may be detrimental to any software app development company.

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