The Benefits of Using NodeJS And Reasons To Choose It For Web App Development




The Benefits of Using NodeJS And Reasons To Choose It For Web App Development

Jan 24, 2023 Web Development

In this cut-throat competitive market, it is essential for every business to have a scalable, secure, and flexible web app development. Thus, businesses are considering reliable mobility solutions for their enterprises to make business strategy, real-time intelligence, and decision-making better.

Node.js has emerged as the best enterprise web app development platform. Various web app development companies and developers have adopted this technology to meet the latest market and industry trends. Wondering what makes Node.js development successful? Well, there are countless reasons associated with it which we will discuss later here in this article.

Let’s have a look at what Node.js actually is.

Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform system that is used to build secure, scalable, and fast network applications. This JavaScript runtime environment based on Google’s V8 simplifies web development as it allows developers to write and execute JavaScript code outside of a web browser.

Web developers can use the help of JavaScript to write command-line tools and for server-side scripting- running scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser.

Consequently, it unified web-application development around a single programming language, rather than different languages for server and client-side scripts.

This technology consists of rich-library and tools that the developers can use as per their need to quickly build web app development to a larger extent. This is an event-driven lightweight model perfectly suitable for data-sensitive apps that operate across distributed devices.

Noteworthy facts about Node.js-

  • PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, UBER, NETFLIX, Wall Street Journal Online, Wallmart, Medium, and Shutterstock are some of the most popular web applications that are built on the Node.js framework.
  • It is very similar to RoR (Ruby on Rails) ASP.NET, and Spring Framework.
  • It is compatible with different operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, or MAC, etc.
  • It can be used along with other JS frameworks and tools to create smooth user experiences.
  • It is providing asynchronous and event-driven APIs.
  • An individual familiar with JavaScript can learn Node quickly.

Benefits of Node JS For Enterprise Web App Development-

  • Improve Overall Performance of Web Application

Being a single programming language, Node.js helps developers to build light-weight complex web applications with next-level performance and productivity. To ensure the overall performance, it uses an event-driven, non-blocking Input /Output model to build real-time web applications.

  • Appealing User Interface

Using JavaScript framework- Angular JS, you can craft an appealing user interface for real-time applications and configure them with Node.js for swift and rapid access. For back-end and front-end development, both technologies have become the first choice of web app development companies and developers.

  • Fast Page-load Speed

Node.js has replaced the traditional method of web app development. Using modern generation technology, you can build light-weight and high-performance web applications to power the page speed. Every business owner has desired to build an ideal website which gives a faster page load speed when the users open it in the web browser. And it can be done using Node.js technology.

  • Mobile Friendly

Web applications built using Node.js are compatible with all types of devices. The technology holds the next-level efficiency and adaptability as it can easily manage the increasing volume of mobile traffic, preserving the server from crashing and distributing the load.

  • Highly-secure

Security is very important for enterprises. Node JS provides exceptional security to the enterprise web application. It gives businesses access to a private registry with advanced security features to help them control access to code, identify vulnerabilities, and automatically replace unsafe code.

Reasons To Choose Node.js For Web App Development

  • High Performance And Scalable

This technology is fast, scalable and high performance due to Google innovative technologies and the event loop. Built on Google’s V8 engines, this technology compiles JavaScript into native machine code and runs it with speed. It helps developers to write code in JavaScript for both the client & server-side and handle multiple connections effortlessly. Business owner looking to hire dedicated NodeJs developer can expect fast and flexible network application development.

  • Low Learning Curve

Developers who have knowledge of JavaScript can easily learn and build a web application in Node. It is a widely-used programming language to build the back-end of web applications and it has become popular among the developers due to simplicity.

  • Single Programming Language

JavaScript is the modern scripting language for browsers. Likely, Node.js is a single programming language that allows developers to execute similar code on both the sides-  client and server-side. Thus, it is pretty excellent and easy to maintain your web application, that is why it has become an ideal choice for Nodejs developers.

  • Long Term Support

In this modern world, technology surprises developers by introducing new things. Some may or may not be the best. And it is difficult to develop and maintain a web application written in the outdated language. Developers want that technology that provides them constant support. Around 61% of developers consider long term support for the web app. Node.js is here to keep you rocking as it provides long term support for the developers to maintain the application.

  • Cost-Effective

Building a web application in Node.js does not require a huge investment. It is cost-effective and provides developers a number of benefits to building feature-rich, high-performance and scalable web applications with ease. You can hire NodeJS programmer India at an affordable cost.

When you should use Node.js?

  • Real-time applications

Node.js is a good choice if you build a real-time application to process a high volume of a short message requiring a low response. However, if you want to build heavy real-time applications, I would recommend you to try another technology.

  • Data Streaming

If you intend to build a data streaming application, then Node.js is the best for you. Netflix is a live example of it. This technology you can use to build an application that possesses stream media, data from multiple streams, and file upload.

  • API Server

If you want to build a single page application using backend services, then you could consider node.js. It can handle many connections at once.

  • Microservices

Node Js is a fast and lightweight technology, which is well suited for writing microservices.

When we shouldn’t use Node.js?

  • CPU-heavy jobs

Due to a single thread, the long-running task can not be handled in every service call. So for CPU-heavy jobs, Node is not suitable.

  • CRUD

If you want to build a web application that only performs the CRUD operation, Node.js is not the right solution for simple HTML.


If you are planning to run your business swiftly on the digital platform, then you need to consider advanced web development technology. And, I don’t think there is any good technology other than Node.js. With the help of the renowned Node JS development company India, you can build feature-rich and interactive enterprise-level web applications to run your business effortlessly.

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