Telemedicine App Development: Trends, Benefits, Features, and Cost

Telemedicine App Development: Trends, Benefits, Features, and Cost

Telemedicine has become popular and it is transforming the healthcare industry landscape with many new innovations. In recent times, the entire world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, which has turned the landscape of the healthcare industry upside down. In today’s time, the entire world is suffering from the huge impact of the global pandemic of COVID-19. As per the report of WHO (World Health organization), total positive cases of COVID-19 are over 53,70,375, whereas while 3,44,500 deaths have been reported as on May 31, 2020. As many as 216 countries and territories have registered COVID-19 cases, the largest numbers of confirmed cases are in the United States, Italy, Spain, France, and India.

Telemedicine app development has completely transformed the healthcare industry. Thus, healthcare app development companies from all over the world are focusing on the reliable mobility solutions of telemedicine. Various healthcare companies are running telemedicine solutions and providing healthcare services to patients from a distance.

Telemedicine App Development

Before the pandemic, Statista predicted that the telemedicine market size would increase to $41.2 billion by 2021. Due to the Corona outbreak, the on-demand for telemedicine app development is increasing widely. And it is the best time to invest in telemedicine app development to fight against COVID-19.

In this article, we will discuss the telemedicine app development, benefits, and features. But before the start, you should start some groundwork as to how to start building your own mobile applications, which platform you should opt, what features should be included, and more.

Benefits Provided by Telemedicine App

  • 24/7 availability of medical services.
  • Advanced features that are useful and easy-to-use for doctors and patients.
  • It is convenient and time-saving and provides the best medical care.
  • It allows you to keep all medical records.
  • It has unified patient management and monitoring system to improve health.
  • Efficient time management of healthcare specialists
  • Facilitation of administrative operations

Also, the telemedicine app development ideas can be used across different medical fields. Among the most common areas are psychological & behavioral health, dermatology, cardiology, chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and more.

Telemedicine App Features for Patients

Registration – A patient can easily sign up via username, mobile number, social network, or email and get into the app. Since the app stores sensitive data, it requires a higher level of protection. It is recommended to use two-factor authentication in the telemedicine app, which can include SMS, voice, and phone verification.

Patient profile – Using this feature, a patient can feed necessary healthcare records and compulsory information. This feature makes this easy and quick.

Search – A patient can search for a medical specialist based on its location, consultation fees, reviews & ratings, specialization, experience, etc.

Appointments and Calendar – Patients can have a list of appointments based on doctor availability, as well as the possibility to edit or cancel them.

Communication – A patient can communicate via audio or video conferencing for real-time consultation.

Geolocation – The GPS-enabled application helps patients to track the real-time and nearby locations of the medical store or doctor’s clinic.

Payment – Payment gateway system like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal helps to make payment quicker and easier. The patient should also be able to view their transaction history.

Notifications – Push notifications help to keep track of appointments and other offers or services related to healthcare.

Rating and review – This is one of the best features that help patients in better decision making. This function ensures a service quality based on the collected feedback.

Telemedicine app for patients should be featured with amazing user interface and dynamic functionality. The patient app can also include some advanced features like:

Personalized dashboard – The app should be featured with complex features, which help patients to track everything that is useful for treatment progress or something similar.

Medication tracking – This feature is used to remind a patient to take necessary medications to improve health.

Secure chats – This is a must-have feature for one-to-one communication between a doctor and a patient.

In-app calls – The telemedicine app should be included emergency calls option to provide quick assistance.

Navigation – This feature allows the patient to add the route to the doctor’s clinic with additional information about the institution.

Cloud data storage – Cloud data storage helps patients and doctors keep important health records over the cloud storage which can be retrieved anywhere and anytime. Also, the feature can help to export or import the information in any format.

Patient’s insurance plan – This is the best and useful feature with the insurance service providers and add patients’ plans.

Telemedicine App Development Trends

Telemedicine App Features for Doctors

Doctor profile – In this, doctors can fill out accurate information about their specialization, experience, education, and so on. Medical license and proof of medical capabilities are also important to mention as it is possible that patients might like to check them.

Scheduling and calendar – The doctor can turn on/off their availability, receive consultation requests of patients, and manage a calendar filled with appointments.

Communication – Doctors can allow patients to make one-to-one communication via voice and video.

EHR review – Doctors can check a patient’s record either from their profiles, hospital database, preliminary-filled questionnaires or by using other methods.

Medical prescription – Using this feature, doctors can place their prescriptions digitally in the telemedicine app. Then, the patient will be able to get the prescribed medication from a drugstore or required healthcare service.

Other useful features that you can consider for your telemedicine app

Video or audio session recording – This feature provides you an ability to save or download the consultations. These recorded audio or video can be used to track the treatment progress and for accurate referencing over time.

Dashboard and analytics – Doctors can track information using easy-to-use dashboards and make the necessary adjustments to their prescriptions and treatments.

Pharmacy databases – The app can integrate with drug stores to provide patients and doctors with necessary medicine on time.

How much does it cost to develop a telemedicine app?

The cost of telemedicine app development consists of several factors:

  • Development platform
  • Location of application development
  • Technology stack
  • Number and complexity of features
  • UI/UX design
  • Hourly rate of the development team
  • The number and price of third-party services you’ll use in your app (e.g. Google Maps)

Technology Stack for Telemedicine App Development-

Programming languages:

  • Kotlin, Java (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)

Back-end development:

  • Programming language: Node.js
  • Videoconferencing: RTMP, Twilio, WebRTC
  • Chat: Twilio,
  • Database: MySQL
  • APIs and frameworks: Stripe, EC2, S3


  • Search & filters: Elastic search
  • Mailing: Elastic Emails
  • Geolocation: Google Maps Platform
  • Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging

If you will start developing a telemedicine app with an offshore mobile app development company, you can expect to spend around $25,000 — $30,000 with basic design and functionalities.

If you want to build a telemedicine app with advanced and complex features, be ready to spend more money, the telemedicine app cost can go even beyond $40,000 if you work with the best mobile app development company in India.

You can also hire a mobile app developer in India to reduce the development cost.

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