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Taxi Booking App – Features and Cost to Look In 2019

Taxi Booking App - Features And Cost To Look In 2019

Taxi is generally a public need which is easily fulfilled with the help of taxi booking apps. Taxi in itself is a word which reliefs you when you have to travel somewhere from one place to another. Taxi is one of the helpful mediums in today’s world if you don’t have your own vehicle. In the older days you had to get on the road to get a taxi, nowadays there are several mobile applications available to book a taxi prior to the time you travel.

The online taxi business is growing at a faster pace, generating a profit of billions of dollars all over the world. Using this industry as a business would be more profitable. Find the right technology partner to develop an application like this.


It could be stated as the Entrepreneur guide to starting their businesses by initially taking this venture. Every person who does not have their own vehicle certainly books the cab to travel to the destination which is a comfortable way to travel rather going in public transport. Other applications running on this venture are UBER, Lyft, Sixt, & Turo. These applications are running and are leading the business internationally. Get the riders behind the wheel and accelerate your business. There are many transport companies, and startups out there, which are still looking to establish a taxi business in the cities or around the world.

Uber being one of the trend-setters in this industry has set the trend for every transport company or firm to invest and start the business. Hiring the app developers to build an application for you if you don’t have knowledge about developing is the best option for you.

Uber, which is considered a market leader, has 65 million monthly active riders worldwide today. As per the reports, in the last year, the company reported a profit of $3.5 billion, after cutting drivers’ cuts. Around 25% of Android users have a Uber app installed in their smartphone. And 55% of the U.S. population use UBER to book a ride.

Taxi Booking Stats

Some Advanced Features

Dual App Structure:  Dual App Structure means the app runs for both the customer and for the Taxi driver. Both layouts are different in comparison and work differently.

Option to choose: New features should be provided in the Taxi booking app especially the female customers to choose the driver as male or female as for their safety concern.

Payments: Adding more than one Debit/credit cards or we say multiple cards for making payments.

Saving Addresses: This feature should be available in the app as it is easy for the customers to travel when they have their address saved in the app.

Address Diary: With this feature in the app one can save their recently visited addresses which can help them to visit the last address they visited if they want.

Automatic Payment: With an automatic payment feature in the application, it’s not required to carry cash one can directly pay through the e-Wallet feature. Which is you can add cash accordingly to your Taxi booking app which can directly pay when your ride is ended.

Uber Driver Automatic Payment

Outstation Module: This is the must-have feature that can make your app widely popular among the users. Using this feature, users can easily hire a car for traveling to another city.

Day Packages: Day packages are very convenient to roam the city. Users can hire a taxi on a day package. Users can hire a car as per their choice from the list of packages. Suppose if you want to hire a car, you will get a package like 10 KM for 1 hour, 25KM for 2 hours and so on. After selecting the desired package from them, you will get a list of car types such as Mini, Sedan, or SUV with respective amount.

Prime Membership For Riders: It is a unique feature that you can consider for your taxi booking app. In this, your users can buy a prime membership and can avail free rides up to some fixed kilometers.

Postpaid Card: This is another best feature that you can add in your app. In this, your passengers can get rid of daily basis payment as they can pay monthly for all taken rides.

Car Pooling: Car pooling is an essential feature that you can consider in your application. Why pay fully for a ride if your users have a feature like a car pooling in their app.

Driver Panel And Its Features

Registration: Registration is an easy process. A driver can register on the app just by providing the required details.

Accept/Reject Ride Requests: Ride requests are generally done by the passengers, and the driver has the right to accept it or not.

Offers: Generally there are offers for both the riders and drivers. It’s the same for the passengers and drivers to get these fancy offers provided by the company. They can avail these offers through the app itself.

Drivers GPS Tracking: Generally the customers have the GPS tracker in the app. Drivers also have the GPS tracking apps which allows them to track the customers and their pick up location.

Taxi Driver Panel

Rating Feedback: A customer can rate a driver, the driver can also rate the passenger and can give feedback about them.

Message Alerts: This feature provides an SMS to the driver to let them know that they have a future booking or not.

Receive Payments: After completing the ride, the driver can check whether the payment is made by e-wallet or cash.

E-Receipts: A customer gets the final receipt, the same a driver also receives the receipt of the ride in the app and by the mail on their Mail ID.

Fare Calculator: It is the best feature that is available in both driver side and admin side panel. A customer can get the details of estimated fair before starting the ride.

Contact passenger: A taxi driver can contact the passengers in case of getting a problem in finding the customer’s location. The driver can ask about the exact location or landmark for picking up the user within a short time.

Customer Panel And Its Features

customer mobile panel

Effortless Registration: Nowadays Registration is too easy with In-app registration feature. Passengers can directly register using the name, email, password, and mobile number.

Adding Payment Method: For a hassle-free payment, customers can save their Credit/Debit cards and third-party e-wallet details in the application.

Real-Time Tracking/ GPS Tracking: A passenger can directly track their ride in the app by using in-app maps.

Location Set Up: With this feature, a passenger can set their pickup and a drop location (Home, Office and other location) on the go.

Car Type: A customer can make their choice as per their needs. Every taxi booking app provides all sizes of vehicles such as the mini car, micro car, carpool, bike, Auto, sedan, or SUV.

Ride Details: Once the booking is confirmed, users can see the current location of the cab, name of driver, color, brand and the model of the car, contact detail of the driver and the estimated time of arrival.

Fare Calculator: Calculating fare is one best feature, a passenger can know the fare of the ride before booking the taxi. It uses an API which calculates the fare according to the distance.

Offer & Coupons: Offers and Coupons feature is for every customer to take advantage of the discounts provided by the company.

In-Built Messaging Feature: This feature is useful for both the customer and the driver to communicate the point of pickup.

Pooling Option: This feature is very robust for the customer to travel if they want to split the bill. They can take a pool ride and make a split payment according to the fare charges.

Taxi Pooling

Feedback & Help Options:  These options provide the customer to give feedback on what they felt about the ride. They can also take help with the in-app help option if there is something wrong with the ride or the driver.

Refer And Earn: Now one can refer and earn. Every user on his account has a unique code which works as a referral code for other users when they download the app for the very first time. By using the referral code the users can get the benefits.

Web Admin Panel And Its Features

Taxi Panel Web Admin

Log-in: Log-in is provided for the Admin and Drivers.

Analytics: Admin views the statistics and Analyses it what amount of bookings made per day, what amount of bookings got canceled.

Invoices: The Invoice for every ride done is sent to the driver and the customer.

Profile Management: Admin manages the driver profile with any relevant certifications provided by the driver.

Web Panel: All the admin and drivers have access to the web panel.

Dashboard Management: Admin can see the live status of the application. Admin can manage the dashboard on which all the drivers, users and company status are provided. He can make changes according to the analytics provided on the dashboard to the app.

Driver Management: Real-time tracking of driver activities is done by the admin. Monitoring driver’s activities and checking what routes he is taking for reaching the destinations is a part of driver management. The admin has the right to make changes like adding, deleting or updating a driver.

Pay to Drivers: Admin can pay the profitable amount to the drivers as per their number of rides, total distance covered, and car model used.

Rate Card: Admin can do surge pricing which means admin can increase the rate for high demand places for cab booking.

User Management: Managing the new user requests, maintaining the existing customer & attracting them for more business.

Payment options – Admin has the right to manage the payment options. If passengers want to pay by cash, they can simply pay cash at the end of the ride. If they want to pay cashless, they can use their postpaid card provided by the company and pay without cash.

Technologies Used For Taxi Booking App

In App-notification: The in-app notification is used to keep the user updated about the rides he/she booked through the app. The notification could be a Push Notification, SMS, e-mail, delivered to users or drivers.

In the case of iOS users, it’s Apple Push Notification Services & in the case of Android, it’s Google Cloud Messaging. But the APN in the mobile devices which are currently providing the services does not provide the message delivery acknowledgment.

Geo Location:  Location-based services are used in both the user and the driver panel. Both the sides use the GEO Location for tracking purposes. While working on the GEO Location for iOS devices you need to work on the Core Location Framework and for the Android devices, Google’s Location API’s are used. For Navigation access in iOS, the Map-Kit is used & for Navigation in Android, Google Maps Android API is used.

In-App Communication: The services used for establishing communication are for users and for drivers. The Driver side and the user side app need to communicate with each and the operations take place.

  • Send/Receive Requests
  • Current location Detection
  • Ride/Fare Calculation
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Cancel Request for both Sides
  • Rating and Review

Payment: When you use a service you pay for it. Payment is an essential part when a service is used. Sometimes the payment is done through cash or cashless based on the payment gateways. Such as Net Banking or e-Wallet, Cards, etc.

Braintree is one of the biggest leaders in mobile payments accepting the cards. Another leading mobile payment industry is stripe giving competition to Braintree having Uber as a client for Braintree & Lyft as a client for Stripe.

Platforms On Which Taxi Booking App Build

  • Native Apps (Android & iOS)
  • Web App
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Hybrid Apps

App Development Team

App Development Team

The Cost to Develop a Taxi Booking Application Like UBER, LYFT, GRAB, And OLA.

Cost of building an on-demand taxi booking application can vary. In addition to the core features, the app with some advanced features may dent your account. And, it also depends upon where the app is being built. If you want to build taxi booking app for both iOS and Android along with some advanced features, including all panels and dashboard, then roughly it will cost around $3800 – $6500 or $25 – $40 per hour. And, the development time will take around 250 to 350 hours.

The hourly rate for app development in the UK/USA region is around $100-$200, while the rate in Europe is around $70-$80. The cost of developing applications in India is $20-$40/hr.

The total cost of building a Taxi booking application ranges somewhere between $20000-$50000. The comparative cost of a normal Taxi booking app is lesser than the cost of Uber, Ola, and SanFrancisco Taxi.

Taxi Booking App

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