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Symfony vs Laravel: Which PHP Framework Is Better For Your Business?

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It is becoming hard to find the right framework for building a small or complex website and application. Many popular languages provide advanced features to greedy developers to build feature-rich solutions. Thus, developers across the world consider the PHP framework to build feature-rich and quality websites and applications. According to reports, Symfony and Laravel both are the most advanced frameworks of PHP platform that carry different properties along with amazing features.

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In this article, we are going to compare these two frameworks, including the advantages, features and functionalities, and benefits.

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Symfony Framework

Symfony is the most advanced platform of PHP which comes loaded with a bunch of advanced features. It allows developers to build a feature-rich website in a short time. If you are trying to make a complex project, website, and applications, then Symfony will be the best suits for your requirements.

Here we are going to list the most lovable features which make it the best and valuable platform for web and app development.

Faster Development

Being an open-source PHP web development framework, it allows developers to build high-end complex web applications to reduce the cost and time as well. It is a popular framework among the developers which is frequently used to make development faster.


This framework features rich libraries and toolsets, which make web applications flexible and functional. It also makes the reason to go with this platform.

Stable and Sustainable

Symfony is recognized for its ability to build stable and sustainable applications. The major versions of Symfony’s contract and interface are compatible with all minor versions. It also recognized for its ability to perform optimization of web applications.

Easy to use

Symfony is also very accessible and by using this framework, developers can build web applications with impressive features which make it advanced and easy-to-use.

Secure & Cost-effective

Symfony features massive libraries and toolsets which help developers to build secure web applications at pocket-friendly prices.

Laravel Framework

Laravel, it is mostly called on to build secure and small web applications. By using simple syntax, developers can build an impressive and feature-rich website. Laravel comes equipped with an array of advanced features such as fast extension ability, development speed, and scalability. It is the highly preferred framework by developers which purely meant for building MVC based applications. If you want to build a small web application with simple logic you will find Laravel more suitable.

Here we are going to list the most advanced and impressive features of Laravel which make it best for the fastest PHP website development.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Object-oriented libraries are the only reason which makes Laraval the best PHP framework. It also has several pre-installed add-ons that you have ever seen in other popular PHP frameworks. In addition, it provides many impressive features, as CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, Bcrypt Hashing, password reset and password encryption, which help developers to build a strong code for the web application.

MVC Architecture Support

Laravel is designed to use MVC (Multi-View Controller) approach to build an impressive and advanced web application with standard functionalities. Laraval’s built-in authentication system makes overall development processes easier through easy-to-configure options, database views, models, and controllers.

Direct Testing

It is the most impressive feature of Laravel which makes life easier of developers as it runs a number of tests to ensure that new updates or changes have made by the programmers on the application, don’t break anything in the application.

Painless Data Migration

It is the most impressive feature of Laravel which makes database migration painless for database changes, that means there are no chances to lose any data. Laravel Data Migration not only provides the facility to change the structure of the database but it reduces the time of database development.


While developing an application, developers have to use some advanced tools to make the website secure. In terms of security, Laraval comes on the top as it provides impressive security features with the framework. It uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm, which encrypts the password in the database.

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