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SoundCloud App Development: Time, Cost, Features, Market Growth and Everything You Need to Know

SoundCloud App Development

Music has always changed the opinions of the people. Music is the only things that heal a person escaping their demons or it helps in healing their darkest emotion. Music sometimes is the best partner one can get when they are traveling or feeling alone. 

The consumer desire changes every day from dial phones to now smartphones, from the day they discovered that smartphones also enables and provides the user with a good music listening experience with the desire. 

There are various new audio music streaming application that has entered the market and has made their own wider reach to the audiences and has made their own benefits in both the terms of revenue and popularity. 

The growth of the music streaming industry has made many Startups; Entrepreneurs plan to build an audio streaming app. After these music streaming applications are developed they compete among the top leading apps in the industry. 

SoundCloud Like App Development Company

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Top Leading Applications 

There are many top music leading application running worldwide and undoubtedly they have a gained a lot of public momentum in the market, two of all the application that has redefined the industry are SoundCloud and Spotify. 

As of present if we talk about then Spotify is one of the best music application running in the music industry. But this article is all about SoundCloud like app development, and we already have published an article on Spotify app development or music streaming app like Spotify. 

SoundCloud: A Musical Application which brought Music Revolution 

SoundCloud is Berlin-based music streaming application and an audio distribution platform that enables the users to listen to millions of different songs and be able to upload and promote their own tracks. 

SoundCloud was started in 2007 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfross and is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. The functions are very basic and hassle-free for the user who will be using it for the first time. 

Learning the application is very easy and anyone can learn it in no time. SoundCloud has its own reputation of being one of the largest music streaming platforms with more than a billion users, a 125 million song tracks and more than 15 million creators. 

Well at the time back in 2007 this wasn’t that much of the trend there were not much of the content creators but all these developers and Entrepreneurs saw the potential of the application or the music streaming platform and they started taking interest in determining the cost to develop an app like SoundCloud and other technicalities. 

Effect of SoundCloud in Music Streaming Industry 

  1. User can Share their own Tracks: Well different music streaming platforms have different functions most of them only let the user listen to music. But there are only a few application that lets the artist upload their work to be reviewed by other users who loves listen to something new provide the fame to the artist that they deserve.

SoundCloud is more focused towards this issue and came up as a platform which eases the journey of music curators to enter the market and show their talent, make their own presence, along with the work of other users which they can enjoy. This adds as benefits of using music app like SoundCloud. 

  1. One Shop for all Audio Files: Anything that is audio you can hear it on SoundCloud. Unlike any other music streaming platforms or other music streaming applications, SoundCloud didn’t come up with the music streaming services for the users but also it offered the option to the users to access podcasts that are related to business and technology as well as on the same platform. 
  1. Building Community: Community is something that an artist needs to build and interact with the right. Well, SoundCloud provides the user with the community building feature in which they can repost content, make comments on someone’s content and much more. This actually helped the artist to get more fame and they get to know the positive and negative side of their work. 

Features you must know if you are using SoundCloud 

  • Search: Well this functionality works for the application and enables the user to search the song they want to listen of any genre, any artist’s, or any playlist. 
  • Creating your own Playlist: Everyone who hears or listen to it they might want to hear it again can add to their own playlist which they can play again and again. The users can create their own playlist type with their own playlist names. 
  • Recording a Track: It could be said as one of the important features of the SoundCloud. SoundCloud provides the opportunity to its users to record their tracks and they can upload it in a community which is a public community or a private one. This is the best way to earn fame which is very well deserved those who earn it. 
  • Live Song Streaming: This feature in the application allows the user to live to stream the song which is just released or premiered or those songs or albums which are trending. This could also be said as buffering the songs which the user wants to listen. 
  • Social Media Integration: This is also one of the good features in the application, Social media integration generally in the application is to make the user login or register to the application for the first time or the when each time the user login to the application.

This is one of the addictive features that each and every application development process involves. Users can use their own social accounts to make login to the application. 

  • Commenting: SoundCloud stands out of the crowd just by these kinds of features and commenting is one of those features which makes the music streaming application stand out from other application in the music industry. A user can comment on the track they are listening to what they feel after listening to the song. This helps the artist to know what the user likes and what his audience feels about the songs the artist uploads. 
  • Reposting: Another feature in the list of features which makes SoundCloud stand apart from other music application. It lets the users repost their content on social platforms such as Facebook, or Instagram. 
  • Make Friends and Follow them: This feature in the application is somewhat common to other music streaming applications. This feature allows the user to follow other users who has the same music taste also with this feature the users can make their own community on the application which has different genres of music listeners. 

UI/UX Elements that Shaped the Application 

  1. Fast Login: We all have used these applications which have a very complex process of creating a users account at first. Knowing that it is a very lengthy process and can create a barrier for the user to create an account, that is when the social media login came in the account creation process. The app asked for the minimal user information which makes the ease for user to create a new user account. 
  1. Smooth & Clean User Interface: The developers have developed and embraced a layout for their UI design with a minimal amount of aesthetics. The music player screen shows the actual length of the music track playing on and make it possible for the user to seek the track forward or backwards just by tapping the waveform which is unique and larger than a standard seeks bar. The UI/UX has used warm colors to make the user feel that they were just using the application for a long time.
  1. Gesture Controls: SoundCloud application has replaced the skip and back buttons with the horizontal swipe gesture and introduced the power of gestures to deliver enhanced user experience. The feature is very attractive and is stucked in the mind of people globally. These kinds of features also sometimes not work in a single-handed mode of your smartphones.

Challenges Faced during Music Streaming App Development 

  • Speed & Gesture Control: SoundCloud Application removed or replaced most of the functionalities that other music streaming application have in their music player that is buttons for pausing/resuming forward or backwards seeking buttons. This was one of the challenges the developers faced while developing the application. This could also be faced by most of the mobile application development companies. 
  • Social Media Buttons or Functionalities: SoundCloud could be said as the social media of music streaming applications or the perfect collaboration of music streaming and social media platforms and maintaining it is a very difficult process for the developers. There are generally two application with the same functionalities but a different set of features, Android & iOS. Choosing and picking up the right element and maintaining the same pace between the faces of the application is also a difficult task to do for any Android or iOS development company.
  • Licensing: This is the most challenging part of application development that Android app developer has to face and solve while creating an app like SoundCloud. The application has to pay the royalties to the music creators and other label holders for every time their music is played by the user or every single streaming. There are two types of Copyrights in the industry one is for the lyrics and the composition and one is for the song owned by the record label. 

How much does it cost to develop an app like SoundCloud?

There are a lot of answers to this question depending upon different companies. Every development company has its own prices for application development. Also, the app development varies on different factors due to which the app development cost varies which includes application size, application screen, features and functionality, application platform whether Android or iOS and other tech stacks.

You can get the best cost estimate if you want to. You just need to contact the right top On-Demand music streaming App Development Company.  You can also make the cost recovery by earning from the application. 


It is one of the most unique approaches to the music industry. It stands apart from all other music streaming application because of different features it carries out. Gestures in the application are a very different and unique approach towards the music player in the application as compared to other standard music players.

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