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How to Develop School Mobile App Features & Cost

How to Develop Mobile Apps for Schools Key Features & Cost

We all need mobile application these days. Mobile applications are an integral part of our lives. Without these applications, we all feel like there is something missing in our lives. Mobile applications have bound us in such a way that we are having a tendency to use them as a daily routine. Making a Mobile App for your school is a very basic need these days. Because apps for school education are very helpful and trends in the education sector

Nowadays these mobile applications are an integral part of the education sector. There are applications available for the schools and colleges which provides a very distinctive knowledge from what they teach in schools. The syllabus available on these apps is quite recommendable and is also very precise when you read it or study it. So having these kinds of application around your kids then they don’t need to worry about missing out on any topic just because they took a leave from the school.

School Mobile application these days are very much needed as the pressure of studies on kids these days are getting heavier. Nowadays all the teachers, students and their parents need a portal where they all together can view the student’s details. Also, they can compare the student’s results with the past results and can check the performance of the student that they are doing well or not.

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Mobile Apps for Schools

Not also the web-based application portals help in viewing the result of a student but also helps the parents to be with the kid virtually. For an Example, a student doesn’t go to school but he leaves for the school on time, now what parents don’t know is the that their kid is not going to the school rather going somewhere else on the timing. Now with the help of an app like this they can view their kids everyday attendance. They will easily get to know their student’s everyday activity as it is updated by the school teachers every other day.

What’ better than getting student’s attendance marks and every detail online? Nothing right! Well, it is the best student management system one can get these days. Just an app in your phone which not only help the teacher, parents but also to the students to review themselves, with some amazing features. Now everyone is on to Build Mobile Apps for school.

Talking about amazing features here’s a look on them:

Amazing Features of School Mobile App

  • A Student can easily download the teacher’s recorded lectures on any subject when they are absent from the application.
  • A student or their parent can directly make a conversation to a particular teacher they need to clear their query out.
    Mobile Application for your school
  • It has enhanced learning feature for students, the students can get advantages of e-learning whether it is video lectures or live updates on an everyday basis.
  • The security feature is the biggest benefit in the application. Student details are saved on the cloud storage and can’t be manipulated by anyone other than the app admin.

 Let’s take a look at all the Panels of the application

Parents Panel

Easy Sign-Up: Parents are required to make a sign up to the application in order to get attached to the school system using their mail id or social media accounts.

Keep Updated: This feature in the application keeps the parents updated and keeps them in touch with the ongoing school activities.

Notes: The regular notes from the schools are sent to the parents and this application ensure that they receive the notification on their phones.

Upcoming School Events: Parents gets informed about the upcoming School events through the application itself. They don’t need to ask anybody what is going on in school. Also, there are many parents who are working in their lives they don’t know that their kids are going to school events. Now they can know by a single click about the school events even if they are busy working

Parents Dashboard

Getting Informed: Parents are timely informed about the change in a condition like raining or change in weather condition, to avoid frustration.

  • They can easily connect with the school administration.
  • Parents can easily access attendance records and result sheets.
  • Parents can also pay the fee online through the application itself.

There are many other ways by which parents can get informed and can be benefited:

  • Parents can view the school diary notices, dates or calendar.
  • Parents can view Photo Gallery.
  • Parents can view Contact Details
  • Parents can view Letters
  • Parents can receive the latest news.
  • Parents can receive the push notification.
  • Parents can subscribe to Notification groups also.

Students Panel

Sign-Up: Here the students can also sign up using their School Roll No’s which enables them to create their profile in an easy way.

Motivated: Students can stay motivated because the parents are keeping a real-time check on them through the application.

E-learning Platform: Students can take advantage of the e-learning mobile application, by which they can easily download the video lectures of any subjects if they couldn’t attend the class on the day.

Students Dashboard

Google Map Integrated: These School events and activities can be tracked on Google Maps.

Newsletter: Students can also subscribe to the school newsletter.

Home Work Tracker: Students have a built in the tracker for their homework also they can schedule their homework.

Course Syllabus: Students get the latest Syllabus updates on the application instantly when the update is done.

Push Notification and POP-ups: Students gets the news update through the Push Notification, or POP-ups and instant alerts.

Absentee Note: Students can also send an Absentee note through the application if they are not able to go to a school that day.

School Admin

Fast Communication: School admin can directly communicate with parents whenever needed.

Send Notes to Parents: School Staff or Admin can send class notes & reminder to parents through the App.

Save Time: Through an app like this school doesn’t need to pick up the calls every time they can communicate through the application.

Reliable: It is also a very reliable app through which one can also get the receipt for every message/update that has been sent.

Financial Increment: Working with the application like this, one can eliminate the use of printing newsletters, which in turns enhance the financial benefits.

School Admin Dashboard

Parents Communication on App

Well checking upon the parent’s side one can say this application plays an important role in their life. Every parent wants to know how their kid is doing in the curricular and academics. This application helps them to keep a close eye on what their kid’s everyday activity is. Therefore every parent’s communication is a very important part of the application.

Let’s check upon the factors which play a role in the parent’s side of the application

Attendance Management

It’s an observatory thing in the schools these days. But teachers these days also find it hectic to maintain the attendance register. It’s a very time consuming and repetitive task to do every day. This application provides the teachers & parents the ease to view the attendance anywhere and at any time.

Online Fee Payment

Now parents don’t need to carry the cash to the school to pay their kid’s fees. Through this application with secure payment, they can pay the fees online. Parents face problems through the online net banking sometimes with this application the payments are made easy and no parent need to panic about how they are going to pay their kid’s fee. Integrating this feature in the school application will help many parents and schools from the hassle and mess of people gathering to pay their kids fees.

Grades Accessibility

Well, a parent’s involvement in their kid’s life is a very crucial role. Keeping parents tuned in with their kid’s academics is very important. This application gives leverage to the parent’s to get involved in their kids’ academic growth while getting busy with their own work. This feature in the application helps the parents to check their kid’s academics scores and the grades they have scored in every subject. They can also check up on their kid’s homework assignments.

Real-Time Push Notification

With this feature in the school application, the school will be able to send the real-time push notification to the parents on their devices. Student’s attendance records can be sent to parents as a notification or any test record for the test taken in the school. Parents are kept in the loop about what’s going on how their kid is performing. Additional notification can be sent about the bus going late or an urgent school holiday.

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Benefits of Having a School Mobile App

Let’s talk about,

School Benefits

  • A school brand name is created on a larger level
  • Getting their presence on a bigger platform like Google
  • School can get Admission Enquiries through their app
  • Admission growth is increased
  • Fees and other details can be received through the application
  • Benefits of getting students and staff attendance on the app
  • School can schedule their events and activities on the application

Staff Benefits

  • Staff members like teachers can take the class attendance through the app
  • A teacher can send direct remarks to a particular student on the app
  • Staff can get parents inquiries about their kids or other stuff
  • A teacher can add results for students subject wise for respective exams
  • Staff can receive and send a direct notification to the school.
  • A staff member can edit and update their profile information
  • Also, they can manage their daily logs of working hours
  • They can assign the tasks and assignment to the kids through the app.

Parents Benefits

  • Parent now can track their kid’s daily attendance and test results if there are any.
  • Parents can get their child’s exam schedule and exam marks in the application
  • Parents can get the school events details and information
  • Parents and the staff gets the direct information from the school through push notifications.
  • Parents can also check their kid’s bus or transportation in real-time through GPRS/GPS.

Technology to Use

There are many technologies out there which are available to create a mobile application you should be having good knowledge about the requirements you want to deploy in your application.

There are three main platforms which are trending in today’s world for mobile apps.

technology for school mobile app development

Other technologies such as

  • Cloud Integration
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Payment Gateways
  • Database
  • Mobile Technologies
  • UI/UX
  • JavaScript Framework

Team Required For a Basic Application

  • Team Leader
  • 1-2 Programmers
  • Quality Analytics
  • UI/UX Designers

Hiring an Android developer or an iOS developer for your Application will help your build an attractive and interactive app running on both the platforms. School Mobile app development also depends upon these factors. Creating your own School & college apps for Students are not only helpful for school but also for the students

Team Required For An Advanced App and Web App

Team Required For An Advanced App and Web App

Know The Cost by In-App Key Features

User Login: To get into the app and use its features you need to login to your account you created in the application. Using API’s can cost you not all the API’s are freely available on the internet. The User Login API integration can cost you up to $100-$250.

Push Notification: This is a must-have feature on every application these days. The push notifications are none other than Real-time updates that will keep a user informed about any activities related to an app or service. Integrating this feature in iOS, Android and Web app can cost you around $250- $300.

          Time Required: Between 30 to 50 hours

Navigation: App navigation is the first step in the development process that’s how a user moves from one page to another. By Scrolling, swiping, or by action button present in the screen. It may cost around $300 depending upon the work hours.

Chat/Messaging: It’s an essential feature if you are providing user interaction. It can cost you around $50-$250.

Time Required: 50 hours

Payment Integration: The payment integration into the School mobile app could cost you around $2000-$4000. These payment gateways are Net Banking, PayPal, or Credit/Debit cards or e-Wallets.

Time Required: 50+ hours

Database: It is a very essential feature in the application to store any media or docs on the application through a database server. An SQL injection used to connect the database which is the fastest way to initialize the data in the app. The database connectivity can cost you up to $700-$800 if you are connecting a very fast database type.

Time Required: 50+ hours

School Mobile application

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